PhaseGun EX

Ronyx J. Kenny gives Claude C. Kenny a phase gun in Star Ocean EX

A Phase Gun (フエイズガン, Feizu Gan) is a standard issue weapon within the Pangalactic Federation, and has been used for centuries due to its strength and reliability. However, once the gun runs out of energy, it is next to useless. The phase gun's energy-based technology replaced the archaic use of projectile weapons, as in the time of Earth's first voyage into extraterrestrial space, the USTA's standard-issue weaponry was an electromagnetic railgun.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey

Ronyx is known the be a remarkable sharpshooter handling phase guns, but while he was on Roak, he had to settle on a bow and arrow in order to not violate the rules of the Pangalactic Federation.

Star Ocean: The Second Story

Claude was given a phase gun by Ronyx when he went down to Milokeenia with the reconnaissance team. However, when he was teleported to Expel, he broke the UP3 by using his phase gun to defend Rena. Rena mistook the phase gun for the Sword of Light from prophecy.

When Claude goes to rescue Rena later, his phase gun runs out of power after it is used to open the gates to Allen Tucks' mansion.

The Phase Gun serves as a temporary Special Art. It is notable as it does not consume any MP and inflicts high damage, roughly 600 to 700 at the beginning of the game. However, despite being a gun, it lacks range, only hitting enemies who are close.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Claude once again carries a Phase Gun and keeps it with him throughout the game. It doubles as a Special Art and Field Action and can be upgraded. This version is much less powerful and consumes 22 MP.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Maria Traydor uses an assortment of Phase Guns as her primary weapon and incorporates it into several of her Special Arts.

Dictionary Entry

A widely used personal weapon in the Pangalactic Federation, Phase Guns fire a powerful beam of energy that destroys the molecular cohesion of the target's matter through phase magnification. It is possible to control the power output of the beam by adjusting its focus setting. A stun mode is available for knocking human-sized animals unconscious, as well as a vaporization mode that will completely vaporize an object the size of an automobile.