"A laser gun used by the Federal Army. Destroys objects at the molecular level."
Star Ocean: The Second StoryPhase Gun is an ability that is a recurring Special Art in the Star Ocean series and a Field Action skill in Star Ocean: Blue Sphere. It is a type of weapon that is also used as a special attack by Claude C. Kenny during all of his appearances.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution


Claude C. Kenny defends Rena Lanford.

Phase Gun
Character MP Cost Level/Item Learned Top Proficiency
Claude C. Kenny 0 Default N/A

The Phase Gun is an extremely powerful ability that activates from a short distance. This ability is lost when the gun runs out of power while breaking into Allen Tucks's manor.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Special Art

PhaseGun SOBS

Claude fires the Phase Gun

Phase Gun
Name MP Cost Level/Item Learned
Claude C. Kenny 22 Default

Claude returns with the Phase Gun as a special art. This time the skill is permanent.

Field Action

When used in the field, the Phase Gun acts as a projectile that can surprise enemies and destroy weak obstacles like bushes and debris.


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