Phia Melle is a playable character in the original Star Ocean and its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Phia is the captain of the Royal Knights of Astral. She is the adopted daughter of Lias, a war-hero of the demonic wars, and resides in the castle at Astral City.

Should Cyuss remain at Haute, Phia will approach the party in Autanim and offer to journey with them to Tatroi. She leaves again shortly after the party arrives however.

When the party arrives at Astral City, the group decides to stay for the night. During the night an alarm bell will ring throughout the town, sounding out a coded message for Astral Knights stationed in the city. Whether or not the party has recruited someone who can understand the message will determine Phia's role in the rest of the story.

If the party only consists of Roddick and Ilia, the two will be unaware what the commotion is and choose to ignore it. In the morning if they go to the dungeon in Astral castle, they find Phia locked up for the murder of Lord Lias. She swears that she had nothing to do with his death and begs the two to break her out, as she can't prove her innocence and avenge her father's murder if she is locked in a dungeon. The choice of whether or not to break her out is then up to the player, and should they choose to break her out she travels with the party from then on (though she can leave the party if certain requirements aren't fulfilled).

If the party contains either Cyuss or Ashlay, they will understand the message during the night and find it hard to believe that Phia would do such a thing, prompting the party to investigate. Chasing Phia to the entrance of the Astral Caves, it is revealed that this Phia is merely a monster disguised as her. The group (temporarily including Phia if Cyuss is on the team) track the imposter through the Astral caves and defeat her in battle, bringing her head back as proof of Phia's innocence. Phia thanks them for their assistance in not only clearing her name, but for protecting Lord Lias.

Should the party save Lord Lias and clear Phia's name, she will not immediately join the party. Instead she will remain behind and become available for recruitment after the demon assault on Astral City, but only if six or less characters have been recruited. (she will never fill the eighth and final party slot)


If the party didn't recruit Cyuss, they meet Phia first at Autanim, where she offers to escort the party to Tatroi.There are basically 2 ways to recruit Phia:

If you failed to get both Ashlay and Cyuss:

  • This option will occur if you did not get both Ashlay and Cyuss. The event in which Lord Lias is injured by the fake Phia will result in Phia being jailed. Go to the castle and spring Phia from jail, and after completing the caves, she will join you and you all can go to Purgatorium or the other option.

If you have either Ashlay or Cyuss:

  • This results in Phia not joining during the assassination attempt. Rather, when you return to Astral during the emblem quest, if you have 6 characters or less, i.e 2 or more empty slots, you will be given the option of recruiting Phia. 

Note: if you recruit Phia the first way, you won't be able to get her final SFT. So it's really up to you.


Phia's main weapons consist of daggers and short swords. She can also equip knight armor and shields. One of her accessory slots is permanently filled with the "Astral Ring", which is described as being "needed to use the Raven Sword fighting style". The ring provides a +10 STM bonus, but otherwise offers no benefit and prevents her from combining the effects of other accessories.

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Level/SFT Learned
Raven Sword 5 Default
Dancing Sword 5 Default
Three Way 12 21
Three Volley 12 29
Aqua Spread 12 31
Galaxy SB 18 37
Sylvan Shot 20 (Three Way + Gods of War SFT)
Unholy Terror 32 (Galaxy SB + Gods of War SFT)
Victory Terror 32 (Unholy Terror + Gods of War SFT)

Family Tree

Cyuss Tree

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Standard Phia Model

Availability: Gacha Permanent

Role: Attacker 5☆ to 6☆ Weapon: Dagger


  • Raven Sword - Critical Rate +50% (Self)
  • Noble Royal Knight Captain - Critical Damage +50% (Self)
  • Highlander's Pride - ATK +20% & DEF -20% (Self)

Rush Combo: Victory Terror (Drizzle) - No Effects High Chance to Freeze Power: ATK x 4,000% Max Hit Count: 13


  • Dancing Sword (Freeze) 32 AP - Power: ATK x 400% Max Hit Count: 7 Low Chance to Freeze
  • Sylvan Shot 20 AP - Power: ATK x 200% Max Hit Count: 8
  • Unholy Terror 29 AP - Power: ATK x 310% Max Hit Count: 5
  • Aqua Spread (Pierce) 20 AP - Power: ATK x 170% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Ice Low Chance to Freeze

LB 10 Level 70 Status:

  • HP: 12,915
  • ATK: 2,584
  • INT: 1,391
  • DEF: 1,292
  • HIT: 1,134
  • GRD: 847

Crimson Grace Phia Model

Availability: Gacha Permanent

Role: Shooter ACE 5☆ to 6☆

Weapon: Bow


  • Oath hidden in War Armor - Critical Rate +20% & Critical Damage +20% (All Allies)
  • Neverending Chivalry - Critical Rate +30%/+40% & Critical Damage +30%/+40% when Hit Count is over 100/200 (All Allies)
  • Astral's Star - Evasion Distance +100% & Evasion Speed +100% (Self)
  • Proof of Trial - ATK +20% & HIT +20% after using Moon Mirror (Self 10 seconds)

Rush Combo: Murakumo - ATK Damage +30% (All Allies 20 seconds) Power: ATK x 4,000% Max Hit Count: 24


  • Red Rain (Blink) 22 AP - Power: ATK x 220% Max Hit Count: 9
  • Shadow Lamp 22 AP - Power: ATK x 240% Max Hit Count: 5
  • Chaotic Blossom (Blink) 33 AP - Power: ATK x 620% Max Hit Count: 11
  • Lunar Mirror 26 AP - Power: ATK x 330% Max Hit Count: 5 Element: Ice

LB 10 Level 70 Status:

  • HP: 14,070
  • ATK: 2,468
  • INT: 1,549
  • DEF: 1,747
  • HIT: 1,253
  • GRD: 945


Phia is able to equip daggers, shields, leather armor, and heavy armor.


As you use different skills with Phia, she will gain the following talents:

Name Learned When Using
Originality Crafting, Customization
Taste Cooking
Nimble Fingers Crafting, Machinist
Design Sense Art, Machinist
Composition Writing
Rhythm Sense Music
Listening Music
Love of Animals Familiar
Animal Instinct Scout


  • If you do not recruit Cyuss, in Autanim, Phia offers to temporarily join your party in order to "escort" your party to Tatroi, but she leaves upon reaching Tatroi.
  • You can recruit Phia early if you have neither Cyuss nor Ashlay, but she never gains her SFT and you must head to the Purgatorium and permanently recruit Ioshua Jerand if you want to keep her permanently. To do so, head to Astral, stay at the inn, and when you learn of the "news", break Phia out of jail.
  • If you do have Cyuss or Ashlay, you can recruit her permanently with her SFT when you return to Astral for the Emblem. You must have 6 or less party members for her to offer to join.
  • In the SNES version, Phia throws her daggers as a boomerang-like weapon when performing normal attacks. These projectiles travel through tightly clustered enemies and damage them individually, and can strike them all a second time on the return trip. The potential number of hits Phia can achieve per throw made her one of the best close range fighters, without having to use a single technique.
  • Phia is one of two characters who are unable to remove a starting accessory, the other being Ioshua. This restriction may have been due to her unique normal attack in the SNES version. (this is hinted at by the item's in-game description)
  • Her normal attack was changed in the PSP version to be a standard melee-range swing, significantly reducing its damage potential and making her a short range fighter exclusively. Despite this change, she is still restricted to wearing her Astral Ring accessory at all times.


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