Phynal Tower.

Phynal , also known as Fienal, is a stronghold on Energy Nede, located on a continent in the north east part of the planet. It the final dungeon of Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Phynal - WM

Phynal on the World Map.

After the Ten Wise Men arrive on Energy Nede on S.D. 366, they quickly take control of Phynal as their base. As soon as Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford obtain all the Orbs from the Four Fields, Mayor Nall prepares the Nedian Defense Force on L'Aqua to attack Phynal. Unfortunately, the operation proves to be a failure against the Wise Men: Gabriel destroys the Calnus and the party is forced to retreat from Zaphkiel, who annihilates the nedian troop. Only later, when Claude and Rena obtain antimatter weaponry, a new operation begins. The party defeats Camael, Zadkiel and Raphael as they enter the fortress, and are challenged by Michael and Haniel on an higher floor. Near the top of the stronghold, Lucifer engages the party, after revealing his plans to backstab the rest of the Wise Men, and proposes the heroes to join him inconquering the universe. However, the heroes refuse to join forces with such an evil tyrant and defeat him. Finally, at the top of Phynal lies Gabriel and the Quadratic Sphere, which he plans to use together with the Symbol of Annihilation in order to destroy the universe, and even though the party is able to defeat him, he succeeds in summoning the dreadful symbol. As told before by Dr. Mirage, Rena uses the Crest of Divinity in order to save the universe, but this actually causes Energy Nede to be destroyed, constraining the effects of the Symbol of Annihilation with its extremely powerful energy field.


Being the final dungeon, Phynal holds some of the most powerful enemies in the game, second only to the Maze of Tribulations. Most of the Ten Wise Men are also fought here, as well as the final boss, which can be the most powerful boss in the game, if a determined sidequest is completed.

First Visit

Second Visit


Being the final dungeon, several powerful equipment and rare items can be found inside Phynal:

  • Mithril Shield
  • Symbologic Dictionary
  • Spark Whip
  • Nuclear Bomb
  • Shadow Cross
  • Resurrection Mist
  • ?ITEM (Pet Food)
  • Lotus Eaters
  • Beta Clip
  • Atomic Puncher
  • Sylvan Boots
  • Mithril
  • Bouro
  • Medicine Bottle
  • Refreshing Syrup
  • Gigawatt Stunner
  • Thunderclap Rod
  • Dueling Helmet
  • Philosopher's Stone
  • Potion of Epiphany
  • Athelas
  • Dueling Suit
  • Stone Cure
  • Goddess Statuette
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