Pirates' Hideout

The Pirates' Hideout.

The Pirates' Hideout, also known as Velacant Pirate's Cave, is the hideout of the Velkhent Pirates.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

As the party reached Portmith, it was faced with an obstacle: All ferries to the Astralian Continent had stopped due to Pirate attacks. The party then offered to defeat the pirates and was taken to their hideout by a sailor. After defeating the Velkhents and their chief, they rescued a Lesser Fellpool girl imprisoned in their cells.



  • Antidote
  • Blueberries x2
  • Resurrection Elixir x4
  • Blackberries,
  • Necklace,
  • Sweet Syrup,
  • Sacrificial Doll
  • Magic Canvas
  • Sweet Syrup
  • Ruby

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