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"Here we go, move it move it! If someone blocks the way, just smile and give 'em the hammer punch!"
—Portrait F

Precis F. Neumann is a character from Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, who is later one of the main characters of Star Ocean: Blue Sphere.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

"A young girl who loves sweets and inventions. Cheerful, energetic, and full of curiosity, she spends her days engrossed in inventions with her father, with Robbie #1 and Robbie #2 by her side. When Robbie went out of control, she came across Claude and the others who had arrived at Linga, and decided to join them on their journey."
—STAR OCEAN: Second Evolution Official Website.
Precis in Battle

Precis readies to attack.

She lives with her father, a top-class mechanical researcher, and loves inventing things. Traveling with her beloved robot, Robbie (Bobot), she joins Claude's merry band. She's bright, full of vitality, and hangs tough, but makes mistakes from time to time, too, giving her a quirky, yet lovable personality.

She uses her self-built robotic 'Puncher' in battle, backed up by her transforming robots, to engage in hand-to-hand and ranged combat.

Precis can be recruited in a PA in Linga after you enter the town for the first time. The exact location of the start of this PA depends on your main character. Claude's is in front of one of the buildings in the northern part of town while Rena's is in front of Precis' house.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Ashton and Precis in Spaceship

Ashton and Precis on her spaceship.

Immediately after the initial storyline, Claude offers to take Precis to Earth with him, Rena, and Leon, so that she can continue her study of mechanics with more advanced technology. She agrees, and goes along with them, and at first has a hard time adjusting to her new lifestyle. Eventually Precis' true genius shows through, and she modifies her Robbie (Bobot) so that she can now ride him. He can also hover, and change shape with her alterations. Precis even builds her own spaceship during this time. Her best friends name is Christine

While working on Earth, she receives an SOS from Opera and Ernest who crashed on the Planet Edifice. Precis immediately sends the signal out to her other friends, and recruits Leon immediately to join her on her way to Expel to gather more of her friends. Once she has gathered many of her old friends, except Claude and Rena, who are busy on an Earth Federation mission, she heads off to Edifice, where her ship is pulled into the planet's atmosphere and crashes. Everyone is separated, so Precis goes in search of her friends, hoping Claude and Rena will rescue them all when they finish their mission.


Precis is a close range oriented character, whose weapon is a mechanical rocket-powered arm she has strapped to her backpack. Like Opera, her anti-air normal attack from afar is a ranged attack (her close range anti-air is less effective), althought not as useful. Her stats are below average compared to other fighters, although her AGI is quite high.

She can equip all of the normal fighter equipment, including some heavy armor. Much like Opera, with the Machinist talent, Precis can also create some Special Arts, as well some of her own equipment, such as the Neumann Boots.

Most of her Special Arts revolves using her mechanical arm, as well different technological gadgets, including Robbie. Among her notable Arts, there are Hole-y Mole-y, which teleports her to opponents, no matter where they are; Parabola Beam, which deals a good amount of hits, being useful to daze opponents; Frankenrobbie, which is a fast multi-hit attack useful to push opponents towards the limit of the stage; Forcefield, which acts both offensively and defensively; and Super Hologram, which is a less powerful version of Ashton's Sword Dance.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Name MP Cost Level/Item Learned Top Proficiency
Rocket Punch 4 0 120
Jump 'n' Thump (Hop Step) 5 0 140
Hole-y Mole-y (Mole) 7 17 100
Robbie Tossin' (Ally-Oop!) 8 25 220
Parabola Beam 12 38 240
Hammer Slammer (Bang-Bang Attack) 15 49 510
Frankenrobbie (Bloody Mary) 32 57 360
Robbie's Superbeam (Mujin Super Beam) 24 Machinery item Megalauncher 120
Forcefield (Barrier) 38 Machinery item Plasma Generator 200
Super Hologram (Holo-holograph) 20 PA with Ashton in Fun City 130

Family Tree



  • If Precis is recruited, it becomes impossible to recruit Bowman Jeane.
  • Precis's favorite instrument is the Harmonica (shared with Bowman) and her favorite food is Chocolate Crepe.
  • Precis's extremely childish personality is often attributed to her birthday being on February 29th, meaning she only celebrates her birthday every four years. This implies that she technically acts like a four year old child.
  • One of Precis' special moves, "Super Hologram", requires a PA in Fun City with Ashton in the party to obtain. Ashton must know Sword Dance beforehand and have a significant amount of AR toward Precis and vice versa. This is the only PA in the game that gives you a Killer tech. It's also the only PA that is affected by 2 characters AR.
  • Though it is unclear if she uses it for her weapon or not, Precis has an old DualShock PlayStation controller in her character design for The Second Story. Likewise, in her character design for Second Evolution, she appears to be holding a silver PSP-3000.
  • In Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, the dictionary entry for Expel mentions a "Dr. Neuyman", so it is possible that it is referring to her or her father.
  • In Second Evolution, Precis can give Welch Vineyard her Mithril Fist tech in a PA in Armlock, provided Welch knows Iron Fist.
  • Precis is one of two characters who require the Machinery talent in order to get Special Arts, the other being Opera.
  • Precis is also one of three characters who have more than one victory animation after battle. The other two are Ashton and Leon.
  • In one of her endings, Precis is addressed as "Dr. Neumann.". Due to this important quote and her engineering background - it is implied she received a Ph.D in Engineering during her three years on Earth, as well as winning the Ecclesia Price for Engineering (believed to be the galactic equivalent of the Nobel Prize) -, it is possible she may be the same Dr. Neumann who later developed the Neumann Purifier.
  • Precis shares her English voice in the original Star Ocean 2 with Celine, while she shares her Star Ocean EX Japanese voice with Welch across all her appearances.


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