Princebridge - WM

Princebridge in the world map

Princebridge, also known as Giveaway, is a town in Energy Nede. It is located in the north of the Field of Might in the snowy areas. It is a univerity town, and most of its inhabitants are college students and scholars.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Any visit to Princebridge is completely optional, but a sidequest takes part on this town's university. After trying to read the classified information in the North City's library, Claude C. Kenny and his friends can come to Princebridge and speak to doctor Leifath, who has attempted to hack into the same files in the past and aid him in his attempt to uncover the important information that lies in the archives.


Fernes & Gable
Item Cost
Antidote 140
Paralysis Cure 140
Stone Cure 450
Ressurrection Elixir 3600
Fairy Statuette 400
Mirror of Knowledge 1200
Amulet of Antivenin 5000
Amulet of Freedom 6000
Amulet of Flexibility 7000
Pet Food 10
The Pridgey
Item Cost
Seafood 500
Meat 300
Eggs and Dairy 10
Hamburg Steak 200
Hamburg Steak 200
Beef Croquette 420
Steak 600

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