The Proclaimers are a type of Executioner created by Luther Lansfeld. The Proclaimers look like angels, helping to enforce the notion that the Executioners are tools of the Creator. While Enforcers destroy, Proclaimers simply warn races of their impending destruction. While they aren't designed for combat, they can still easily take down lesser beings.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

While the party explores Moonbase, they are confronted by a Proclaimer, who simply tells them that mankind has gone too far and must be purged. It then attacks the party. While it is much stronger than anything the party has faced, they still prevail over it (despite the fact it was finished off truly by the recent arrival of Peppita Rossetti).

Later, on Planet Styx, there are many Proclaimers guarding the Time Gate.

When the party returns from Fourth-Dimensional Space, the Proclaimers are everywhere, having spread to all the planets in the Galaxy. While the Proclaimers are no longer a great threat, they still prove to be a general annoyance.

Dictionary Entry

A type of Executioner that proclaims destruction. Proclaimers are shaped like human females and unlike the Enforcers, which exist only to destroy, these Executioners are also capable of intelligent action. These Executioners were sent directly to Moonbase, the "source of all evil", in order to board and annihilate the facility.

Battle Trophies

Number Name
105 Defeat Proclaimer Within 1 Minute
106 Defeat Proclaimer Without Taking Damage

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