Project Hope was a scientific project executed by Earthlings in an attempt to adapt to the aftermath of World War III.

In A.D. 2072, an environmental research team on Earth led by Dr. Arnold Maverick discovered a sarcophagus that belonged to an ancient civilization from approximately 12,000 years ago. DNA samples taken from it revealed a lost genome, one that has no counterpart in modern humans. Later studies by Dr. Saionji's group found that combining this genome with dormant portions of the modern human genome could produce a race of people highly resistant and adaptable to harsh environments. The Federation government, faced with the extinction of the human race, saw the potential to save mankind in these findings, and conducted further experimentation on a top-secret basis. The so-called "Project Hope," carried out through the cooperation of Dr. Saionji, Dr. Maverick, and the Almedio conglomerate, produced a group of three superhuman babies -- the children of the three benefactors. Since normal humans could not survive on the surface, they had to adapt themselves by combining the DNA of their ancestors with theirs, a truly desperate gambit. The humans that were created through Project Hope could use Super-Human abilities whenever they had a strong emotion.

By S.D. 10, there were only 3 survivors of Project Hope: Edge Maverick, Reimi Saionji and Crowe F. Almedio.


Edge Maverick

His abilities include instantaneous analytical perception (the likely reason why he tends to shoot first and ask questions later), resistance to the effects of harsh environments, and the ability to use symbology. His skill with a sword and ineptitude with guns is due in large part to his special gifts; because of the time lag involved with aiming at and striking a target, his instantaneous perception often leads to accidental misjudgment. This, combined with a traumatic experience he had as a child, may explain why he instinctively believes that guns don't hit their targets. The crest that appears on the back of his hand is a sign that his unique DNA powers have activated; often times it is a direct response to an emotional situation, though it appears he is unable to control this "awakening" at will.

Reimi Saionji

The environmental adaptation and cell-regeneration abilities she developed allow her to be able to survive in any environment and survive any disease. However due to a traumatic incident in her childhood dealing with said powers, she has grown to curse her own existence. It wasn't until she was able to save everyone from Kokabiel, that her wounds begin to heal...

Crowe Almedio

His abilities have never been described properly but according to some PA's between Edge and Reimi, Crowe had always been the best among all, indicating he was very quick learner and had been very inteligent. He might have been more physicaly strong then the others as during the harsh battle of Nox Obscurus he remained the sole survivor of the entire SRF-001 Aquila crew. Furthemore he survived his own death during the suicidal attack on the obscurus' big dragon. protector.