A Psynard from Energy Nede.

Psynards are recurring symbological flying creatures in the Star Ocean series. They are powerful and proud large-sized avions that can be found on Energy Nede and En II. Rampaging Psynards are also a recurring enemy on the series, and are fierce airborne foes.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

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They are the main form of transit used by Nedians but there are none left in wild. Psynards are grown at the Breeding Facility in North City where data is implanted into them so that they can be controlled. The last wild Psynard lived in the Cave of Crimson Crystals on Noel Chandler's reservation area, although it was able to breed before being used by the party.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Main article: Early Psynard

Wild Psynards can be found in the Sanctuary at the Morphus' artificial planet, En II. They are considered to be incarnations of Symbology, and lack the metallic shell that the Nedian Psynards wear.


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