Quark is one of the anti-Federation organizations that is based on Klaus III. Quark has expanded its reach greatly in recent years, and is now so large that neither the Pangalactic Federation nor the Klausian government can afford to ignore it. Apparently, the seat of power in Quark's establishment has cahnged into new hands, and the new leader's charisma has been drawing in many Klausians who until recently has followed a policy of non-interference with respect to the Federation.

There is no doubt that the Federation's system of government allows it to easily attain the approval of the masses. However, there are many people in the Milky Way galaxy who do not desire to live under such a system. Neutral parties are drawn into the Pangalactic Congress where they are denounced, and then the federal will is imposed as the will of the "sweeping majority".

The will of those who are too weak militarily or economically to stand up to the Federation is suppressed as a "minority opinion". This is a facet of that bloated giant known as the Pangalactic Federation that many cannot abide. Quark is an organization that aims at using mediation to bring together forces that desire independence or true autonomy from the Federation, in order to win complete self-rule.