A list of quotations attributed to or relating to Cliff Fittir.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Quotes by Cliff

"Atta boy."
"Oh, and listen, don't fall for her--She may look pretty but she's a Klausian. Any funny ideas and yer liable to meet a swift, yet painful, death."
—Cliff warning Fayt about falling for Mirage.
"So what I'm saying is, if we're gonna cooperate with someone, it might as well be that hot chick over there, know what I mean?"
—Cliff trying to convince Fayt to cooperate with Nel.
"Man, what a square! Then again, maybe that's your redeeming feature, huh? Straight as an arrow, just like...well..."
—Cliff calling Fayt a square, comparing him to Maria.
"This is starting to remind me of my old Earth history lessons..."
—Cliff on the Airyglyph-Aquaria War.
"I gotcha. What you're saying is your country's packed with temple maidens. Now I HAVE to see this place."
—Cliff after Nel explains the matriarchy in Aquaria.
"What a bunch of pushovers. It'll be smooth sailing if they're all that easy."
—Cliff talking to Fayt after repelling a trio of ambushing Black Brigade soldiers.
"Ha! He wasn't as tough as his talk."
—Cliff laughs after killing Shelby in battle.
"I'm not one to sit back and take any abuse. Next time I see Albel, I guarantee you I'm gonna give that scumbag what he deserves."
—Cliff rants in Airyglyph after Albel lets them escape the Kirlsa Training Facility.
"I'm getting tired of all this running around. What a big hassle."
—Cliff rants in Arias during the search for Ameena.
"My name is Cliff Fittir, Your Majesty. I am deeply honored and grateful for this audience with your royal person."
—Cliff introducing himself to the Queen of Aquaria.
"Well, I'm an atheist myself, but I'm sorta interested in the art."
—Cliff, making an excuse to sneak into the Chapel and contact Mirage.
"Do I look like an 'average guy' to you?"
"I got no problem with dragons. No problem at all."
—Cliff demonstrating his extreme self-confidence.

Battle Quotes

"Wait, I'll go easy on ya"
—At start of battle
"Let's take'em on"
—At start of Battle
"Here I go"
—At start of Battle
"This is gonna hurt"
—When using 'Sphere of Might' ability
"I'm gonna pulverize you"
—When using 'Hammer of Might' ability
"I could go on forever!"
—When using 'Fists of Fury' ability
"Take that, and that, and that"
—When using 'Electric Fists' ability
"You're going down"
—When using 'Acrobat Locus' ability
"Think you can handle this"
—When using 'Uppercut' ability
"you're looking for me"
"I would prefer a more worthy opponent"
—Easy Victory
"Moron, know your enemy before strike them with first blow"
—Easy Victory
"Huh, don't sweat it"
"Wait the sec, I'm not getting too strong am I?"
—Level Up

Quotes About or Regarding Cliff

"(Wow, he sure is a smooth talker... And not all of it is lies, either.)"
—Fayt's thoughts regarding Cliff.


"Cliff: You're as safe as... as a turtle in its shell!
A turtle dropping out of orbit...
Huh? Did you say something?
—Cliff and Fayt arguing while the Eagle falls into Elicoor II's atmosphere without power.
"Fayt: So you find out anything?
As a matter of fact, I did.
Whats that?
The whips on this planet hurt, too
Very funny.'"
—Fayt and Cliff talk after being tortured by the Glyphians.
"Cliff: Hey, is it even safe to transport to a place like this?
I scanned the situation before coming in, so I had a good idea what to expect. At least now that this planet's part of this mess, we don't have to hide anything anymore.
True enough. But I bet you that Mr. Super-Square, champion of the UP3 would disagree with you'"
—Referring to Fayt's adherance to the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact when Maria first appears on Elicoor II
"Cliff: So what's this queen like, anyway? I was kinda hoping she'd be hot, myself.
Look, Cliff, whatever you do, please don't say something like that in front of Her Majesty.
C'mon, you know I'm just teasing! It's a J-O-K-E...'"
—Before meeting the Queen of Aquaria.
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