A list of quotations attributed to or relating to Edge Maverick.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Quotes by Edge

Battle Quotes

Special arts.

"Now you'll see what I'm made of!"

Rising Blade.


"Come on, now's our chance."

Pre-emptive attack.

"Come on, let's do this!"

Head-on battle.

"Damn it!"



"Now that's what I'm talking about"


"All right! Now I'm feeling worthy!"
—Level Up
"I can't stop yet; not until I surpass him."
—Level Up
"I never imagined I'd wield so much power!"
—Level Up
"Looks like we're done here."
—Killing Blow
"It's not like I was holding back, but... is this all they've got?"
—Killing Blow
"We can't get stuck here; there's so much left to do!"
—Killing Blow

"I was just getting warmed up. Bring 'em on."

Winning Blow.

Quotes About or Regarding Edge

"Stop being full of yourself it’s ridiculous. The star ocean is endless, the world vast beyond knowing. If you’re presuming you can carry it all yourself, you’re a fool. It is the stars themselves that decide between prosperity and destruction. All is fate. Or… are you arrogant as to believe you can manipulate fate itself? Don’t be so presumptuous you idiot. What you are capable of doing and the influence you wield is limited. Yes, something you trigger might eventually swell into an enormous wave, enveloping everything. The very fate of a world might even be swayed. But your actions are not enough. A great many factors conspire to bring a world’s fate to its ultimate conclusion. Fret! Fear! Weep! But do not stop. Leave pride by the wayside. Move forward with every fiber of your being, and you will discover what you are capable of. Insignificant as you are, you will discover something that only you can do. That is the path you must walk."

-- Eleyna Farrence to Edge

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