Races are a feature of the Star Ocean series. Changing from planet to planet, races are considered humanoid species that have attained intelligence and rationality. Normally, their appearance is never drastically different, and each race's traits may vary from enhanced vision to a spectacular proficiency in Symbology.



A race of gods which rule over Asgard. They are immortal and will often interfere in the mortal world to preserve order or further their own agenda. A key trait of the Aesir is that they are static and do not grow or age.

The Aesir possess ranks according to their standing. Lenneth is a rank 6 god while transferred Einherjar gain a rank based on their qualifications and may go up in ranks based on their performance against the Vanir in Asgard.

Dimension of Origin

Notable Norse Gods

Air Dragon


A type of dragon that has extremely large wings and a body size more compact than that of other dragons. This allows them to soar through the skies faster than any other dragon on Elicoor II.

Air Dragons have a relatively short lifespan for a dragon race, and mostly live only two to three centuries, although some rare individuals have been known to live for almost 1000 years.

They are also sentient, capable of speech and are quite bothered when people assume otherwise.

Planet of Origin

Notable Air Dragons


A sentient race living in the Aldian Empire, the primary rival of the Pangalactic Federation. Not only have the Pangalactic Federation and the Aldian Empire been in a constant state of war ever since first contact, since Aldian battleships self-destruct without fail after losing a battle, absolutely no information is available about this civilization.

The Aldians were actually part of a single organism that was entirely dependent upon its home planet from birth. The organism had multiple bodies, all of which could act independently, but which were controlled by a single mind located on the Aldian home world. This explains why the Aldian placed such a small value on individual life forms. The idea of individual bodies, each imbued with a separate spirit, was completely incomprehensible to this entity.

Planet of Origin

  • Unknown Planet in the Milky Way galaxy.


A race of Humans, blessed with natural beauty and an abundance of water.  Alphalians are friendly to everyone they come into contact with, and it takes a great deal to anger one enough to do harm to anyone.

Of course this assumes one can stand their more irritating traits. Those who cannot feel as if every move they make is a gigantic hammer, pounding away at their skull.

The reason people get away with repeating the old adage, "Striking an Alphalian isn't a crime, it's a natural reaction" is that the Alphalians have such an unusually contentious conversational style, coupled with a narcissistic need to be the center of attention.

Planet of Origin


A race descended from insects, standing around 80 centimeters tall. Since Beeguls have an exoskeleton, their skin is extremely hard--so hard, in fact, that it can easily reflect the thrust of a dull sword. They can fly freely through the air with the two sets of two membranous wings they sport on their backs.

In general, they suffer from poor eyesight, but since they are so extremely powerful and make such excellent warriors, they are sought out as mercenaries by various nations. Beeguls are pitch black in color and are relatively easy to recognize due to the large horns on their head.

Planet of Origin

Blue Dolphin

A marine race that lives in the city of Orba, which lies underneath an ocean on the planet Expel. As it is readily apparent, Blue Dolphins are descended from dolphins, but the race actually evolved the ability to live on land due to planetary pollution caused by the Energy Stone in 366 SD. However, the Blue Dolphins have a rough time living on land because their skin dries easily, and they can never stray too far from water.

Planet of Origin


A mysterious race of fairies that stand about 50 centimeters tall and live in the Sanmite Republic. Bubblehearts are able to float and move freely about through the air thanks to the power of the gem necklaces they wear.

Sadly, most of their legs have completely atrophied and now lack the ability to support their own weight. If these extremely rare fairies live nearby, hide in the shadows and watch them on a windy day. Their struggles not to get blown away are good for a laugh.

Planet of Origin

Notable Bubblehearts


A race of mammals that resemble round rabbits and have somehow spread throughout the galaxy. Extremely tame by nature, they possess the odd ability to appear anywhere, at any time, upon hearing a certain sound. Fleet-footed and fairly strong, they are valued as beasts of burden on some planets.

Planets of Origin


So3008 (1)

A race of mammals that resemble rotund rabbits and have somehow spread throughout the galaxy. Bunnymen are extremely friendly, and possess the odd ability to appear anywhere, at any time, when called with a special sound.

Extremely swift-footed and reasonably strong, they are prized as beasts of burden on some planets.

Planet of Origin

Notable Bunnymen



A humanoid species located on the eighth planet of the Arcturus system. Descended from reptiles, Cardianon likewise undergo metamorphosis as they grow into adulthood. Occasionally, some transform into giant dragon-like beings in an apparent case of genetic regression. To a Cardianon, this is seen as an "ideal" form to aspire to. A prehistoric-level species only a few centuries ago, the influence of the Grigori has rapidly transformed the Cardianon into an intelligent race with advanced scientific skill. However, after a failed attempt at completely mechanizing their planet, their homeland was destroyed. The homeless Cardianon proceeded to build a giant mothership and began invading nearby hospitable planets in search of a new land to settle on. All told, the Cardianon are an extremely cruel and merciless people.

Planet of Origin

Notable Cardianon

Celestial Being


A race of powerful and divine beings. It seems to be rare for the Celestial Beings to show themselves to mortals, as there are only two known in existence. Both Gabriel Celesta and Ethereal Queen are egotistical and regard themselves as the most powerful beings in existence.

Dimension of Origin

  • Unknown

Notable Celestial Beings



Creatures from the Demon World, a well-known parallel universe where spirits are able to act by taking a physical form. These spirits obtain a body through possession or even create one themselves to manipulate the world around them.

Dimension of Origin

Notable Demons


An extremely rare hybrid species resulting from the combination of humans and demons. In extremely rare cases, a child is born to human and demon parents, as a result of a contract (or even love). The children of these unholy unions are referred to as Demonoids.


Many types of creatures have been called dragons over the years, but in general, the word refers to a large reptilian creature that has evolved wings from its clavicle or shoulder blades. Most of them are little more than giant lizards, but some types are depicted as possessing high intelligence and wielding a unique form of dragon-lore magic. Such dragons often have a habit of hoarding gold and silver, using them as bedding for their giant bellies -- not because they are greedy, but because such metals' high thermal conductivity helps mitigate the overheating their bodies are prone to. Many dragons have a "breath sac," a unique internal organ that decomposes the animal matter that the dragon consumes and turns it into flammable methane gas. This gas can then be injected into the dragon's mouth, accumulating in a bone cavity under its nostrils. Rapidly exhaling the methane while gnashing its sharp teeth to create sparks allowing the dragon to breathe powerful fire from its mouth, an attack unique to this family of creatures.


A mischief-loving race that lives in the Sanmite Republic. Drowglynn enjoy stealing things and causing injuries, so they are not liked by other races.

On the other hand, nobody despises them because few Drowglynn companions die due to accident or disease. It is theorized that by creating their own misfortune, the Drowglynn deplete the bad luck around them, thereby protecting themselves from more serious calamities.

The power of the Drowglynn is truly mystifying.

Planet of Origin

Notable Drowglynn


A race of people, on Roak, said to be extinct.

Planet of Origin

  • Roak



An unusual marine race that lives on the underdeveloped planet Edifice. Edifians live in a number of cities built on the ocean bed and are strongly suspicious of those races that live on dry land. Edifians are not very enthusiastic about contact with outsiders, so very little is known about them.

Planet of Origin

Notable Edifians



A generic term for bipedal species that are descendants of anthropoids. The majority of Earth's beings, the establisher of the Terran Alliance, belong to this race. They do not have tails, and compared to Fellpool, their animal-like senses of hearing and smell are not as sharp as a result of evolution. However, they are highly knowledgeable and exhibit great competence in the field of science and technology.

Planet of Origin

Notable Humans



A species of intelligent beings based on Planet Eldar, fifth planet of the Eldar system. They live in a harsh environment under a sun that has grown to a giant, but their advanced technological skills allow them to overcome the elements and preserve life on their planet. The punishing conditions on Eldar make normal acclimation and evolution too slow to be effective, so life forms are born through DNA management and carefully raised under governmental care. The destruction of the planet itself looms on the horizon, and plans to transport its population to another habitable planet have been underway for years. In A.D. 2074, the Eldarians extended a hand of salvation out to Earth, granting its people vital technological know-how just as they were in danger of extinction.

Planet of Origin

Notable Eldarians



Humans living on Elicoor II, primarily found in the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria and the military superpower of Airyglyph. Although Elicoorians look exactly like Earthlings at first glance, they are a completely different race. The most distinguishing characteristic of Elicoorians is a special ability of their eyes--they are able to visually recognize fluctuations in Symbological force. The precision with which an individual can discern Symbological fluctuations depends on their genetic makeup. Holy Mothers, who have the greatest concentration of this power, are able to see the workings of symbols in every living or non-living body, or activity within their field of vision. This is why the Elicoorians possess symbological technology that greatly exceeds their general level of civilization.

Planet of Origin

Notable Elicoorians


The convictor by sunkaro

A mysterious life form that refers to itself as an "instrument of the Creator's condemnation." Executioners represent an unknown power that has suddenly declared war upon Earth, broadcasting the message that Terran civilization has trespassed upon the realm of the Creator Himself. At present, little is known about the Executioners, but there is no doubt that they do possess a high enough level of technology to back up their claim to godhood.

The Executioners are a type of anti-bug destruction program sent into the Eternal Sphere by the 4D beings in order to fix major problems that have occurred in the ordered structure of the Milky Way data. Many of the 4D beings who created the Executioners refer to them by nicknames such as "patches" or "worms."

Dimension of Origin

Notable Executioners



A hybrid species resulting from the combination of humans living on the planet Expel with the native Felinefolk. The Expellian race's difference from most other sentient races is in its development as a result of a hybridization process involving a number of different sentient life forms over a long period of time. Due to their origins, members of the race have an extremely wide variety of distinguishing characteristics. Only some have tails, and there are many types of ear shapes, eye, and coloration patterns. Incidentally, the children of two Expellian parents with the same recessive gene in the 12th chromosome are known to revert to the ancestral Felinefolk form, so on the planet Expel, a DNA analysis is legally required before marriage. Another noteworthy characteristic of the Expellians is that in extremely rare cases, individuals are born with a powerful natural Symbological ability. These types of Expellians possess an advanced Symbological structure inside their very DNA, and this enables them to use symbology without resorting to inscribing symbols on their bodies. These special Expellians often have a distinguishing characteristic--long ears.

Planet of Origin

Notable Expellians


Ivana FD-0

A race of humans on the planet Fargett.

Planet of Origin

Notable Fargettians



A species of humans living on Faykreed IV. Faykreedians look exactly like Earthlings and in fact, seem to not have any differing characteristics from those of planet Earth. Faykreedians who practice sorcery on the continent of Vestiel have adopted the term "signeturgy," another form of "symbology," which requires objects known as "signets" to activate, which are imbued on the caster's body.

Planet of Origin

Notable Faykreedians



A race of people with large wings on their backs, descended from birds. The process of evolution has split the humerus bone of the featherfolk in two, allowing this remarkable race to possess both wings and arms. Featherfolk are extremely lightweight and can use the wings on their backs to fly for short periods of time.

Planets of Origin

Notable Featherfolk



A race descended from feline animals, particularly cats and lions. A highly curious and exploratory race, Fellpool have animal-like tails that extend from their posteriors. Compared to other species, they have exceptionally sharp senses of smell and hearing, as well as the ability to see well in nighttime conditions. In the future, some will come to refer to members of the Fellpool race as "Felinefolk."

Lesser Fellpool

Members of the Fellpool race who have retained an especially large number of external traits from their progenitors. Sometimes they are even capable of transforming into the forms of their animal ancestors.

Planets of Origin

Notable Fellpool

Notable Lesser Fellpool


An adorable, 30 centimeter tall race that has large wings growing from their backs.

The Flau generally have cheerful personalities and spend their lives flitting around flower gardens and licking the nectar off of flowers. For whatever reason, this race is known to have an unusually high percentage of women, and beautiful women at that.

The Flau are also known as "fairies" and are a mischievous race.

Planet of Origin

Notable Flau

Fourth-Dimensional Being


A mysterious race that lives in a different universe, known as 4D Space. All information concerning this race is enshrouded in mystery, including its characteristics and the sophistication of its civilization.

A sentient race living in 4D Space that created the Eternal Sphere--the universe where Fayt and his companions live. The Fourth-Dimensional Beings' civilization is extremely sophisticated, and they believe that any labor which combines productivity and consumption must be restricted and held to a bare minimum in order to maintain their world. In fact, labor itself is prohibited to all but members of a privileged class.

Dimension of Origin

Notable Fourth-Dimensional Beings

Possible Fourth-Dimensional Beings


A sentient race descended from foxes with multiple large tails extending from their posteriors that have the strange characteristic of growing one new tail each century.

Foxtails are born with a powerful Symbological ability that allows them to take any form at will.

Strangely enough, they cannot change their tails, which remain as a dead giveaway to an alert observer.

Planet of Origin


A frog-like race that has taken up residence in Surferio. Greems can breathe through either lungs or gills, so they can live on land as well as underwater.

To be more precise, they need to live both on land as well as underwater and cannot survive with access to only one of the other environment.  Greem skin dries in the air, and Greem bodies are too fragile to withstand a high level of water pressure for long. Therefore, Greems must live near clear and shallow bodies of water.

Planet of Origin


A mysterious form of matter from parts unknown, exhibiting high levels of energy and capable of modifying the structure of matter at the atomic level. The Morphus consider it a dangerous substance and are currently investigating its origins. Voice-like waves can be heard among the energy it emits; the name "Grigori" comes from a similar-sounding pattern among those waves.

The Grigori are capable of reforming from their original, inorganic state to adapt to the local environment and conditions. The resulting form depends on the host it uses, but differences can be seen among the individual Grigori as well, and it has been determined that they possess individual self-awareness. To function within our world, they apparently require a host life form, which they then transform, suggesting that they once existed in another dimension unlike ours. Exactly where they came from remains a mystery.

In addition to their individual self-reliance, the Grigori seem to all work off of a shared repository of accumulated memories and experiences. They have never been noted as working together, however, apparently sharing memories only as units of information.

Dimension of Origin

  • Unknown

Notable Grigori



A sturdy, athletic race of Fellpool descended from tigers who live in great numbers on the Astralian continent. Known for extreme belligerence and a love of solitude, but also highly disciplined and self-critical, with a chivalrous side as well. Their warrior knights easily surpass those of all other races.

Planet of Origin

Notable Highlanders


A half-human, half-beast race that lives in the Sanmite Republic. Houndfolk live in a strict hierarchy of dominance, and will completely subjugate their will to any person they recognize as being socially superior, obeying the superior's every command.

Life-threatening commands are no exception.

Actually, not only are life-threatening commands not an exception, the more dangerous a command, the more the command's recipient feels that he is being trusted by his superior, and the more likely that he will faithfully carry it out.

On the other hand, the Houndfolk are also known for treating those they see as socially inferior in an extremely cold manner. This social structure makes the Houndfolk a strange and difficult race to deal with.

Planet of Origin



A sentient race that lives on Klaus III and IV. This race possesses excellent motor reflexes and hand-eye coordination, and it is said that the average Klausian can easily surpass a top Earthling in every aspect of physical capability. Klausians respect self-reliance, and regardless of the fact that more than a century has passed since first contact was made with this race, they still do not belong to the Pangalactic Federation, or to any other multi-planetary government for that matter. Klausians are also known for having an external appearance that very closely resembles that of Earthlings. If they didn't have three distinguishing green lines around their necks, they would resemble Earthlings with extremely good physiques.

Planets of Origin

Notable Klausians



A friendly race of humans that live on Lemuris. Externally, Lemurisians are indistinguishable from Earthlings, though their generally short stature is notable. Their culture includes a unique form of symbology, though its use seems to be limited to the females of the race. Structures resembling ancient ruins exist throughout their land, and much of their history remains unexplored.

Planet of Origin

Notable Lemurisians


A sentient race of humanoids living on the planet Lezonia. The Lezonians boasted a gigantic sphere of influence in the middle of the 4th century SD, and waged a number of major space wars with the Pangalactic Federation (then known as the Terran Alliance). Of all the known races still living today, Lezonians are one of the first to have succeeded in developing faster-than-light travel.

Planet of Origin


A sentient race of half-human, half-fish people living in the Sanmite Republic.

The Lousyds are the result of plankton in waters infused with a powerful runological force evolving at a highly accelerated rate.

For whatever reason, Lousyds hate Orichalcums, and when one is brought too near, they emit a strange noise and try to run away. Perhaps Orichalcums react in some way to the runological force stored inside the Lousyd's body, or cause a resonance effect. This phenomenon remains a mystery—mainly because no one has ever attempted to find the reason for it.

Planet of Origin

Notable Lousyd



An extremely rare race of individuals in which ordinary human cells and Beastfolk cells that have been transformed by a special virus coexist in the same body. The human and Beastfolk cells in a Lycanthropes's body will expand or contract when the heart rate exceeds a certain threshold.

As a result, the Lycanthrope's external appearance will appear to undergo a transformation.

Although there are some exceptions, a Lycanthrope's body will become more solid and powerful when the Beastfolk cells are in the expanded state.

There are many different Lycanthrope bloodlines, including those related to wolves, bears, tigers, dogs, rats, boars, and other animals. It should be noted that the legends about Lycanthropes transforming after viewing the full moon, or about the Lycanthrope's invulnerability to all weapons save those made of silver, are nothing more than superstitions.

Planet of Origin

Notable Lycanthropes



A cheerful race living in the Sanmite Republic which is descended from racccoons. They may not be very tall, but they boast dexterous fingers and a high level of adaptability to new circumstances.

Compared to other races, Menodixes have an excellent sense of smell. Their downfall is that they are very curious and easily excitable, characteristics which more often than not will act together to offset the Menodixes positive characteristics.

Strangely enough, Menodixes have an excellent ear for music and there are many eminent Menodix troubadours. Unfortunately, thanks to the innate Menodix personality almost no one is aware of this fact.

Planet of Origin

Notable Menodix


A race descended from moles, which lives in places such as the Mosel Dunes.

Molefolk have extremely large palms with sharp claws that resemble shovels. They are almost completely blind but boast powerful senses of smell and hearing. Since they primarily live underground their eyes are sensitive to light and they must always wear special darkened contact lenses when they venture out onto the surface (these contact lenses are made out of materials such as colored crystal or crystal glass).

Planet of Origin



The name of a race of people who hail from En II. Similar in shape to Earthlings(cybernetic bodies like Bacchus's are not the norm), the Morphus are descended from a group who called themselves "observers of space." They departed on an eternal journey over three billion years ago, distressed by their crumbling fortunes and a war-torn universe following a rebellion on their home planet. Highly advanced scientifically, the Morphus deliberately avoid cultural and historical interference, preferring to work behind the scenes to resolve pressing issues in outer space. They never discuss their home planet or their ancestors.

Since the Morphus were around for over 3.7 billion years, in addition to the facts about their physical appearance (notably their ears), their extensive knowledge of Symbology and their apparent ability to use it without inscribing symbols on their bodies, two locations on Energy Nede and En II sharing the same name of Centropolis, and Psynardsappear to live on their home planet of En II, it is possible that Morphus are somewhat related to Nedians, perhaps even a direct off-shoot.

Planet of Origin

Possible Planet of Origin

Notable Morphus



A highly advanced race believed to have lived on Earth 12,000 years ago. Legend has it that their homeland, a continent located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean since the Pangean era, sunk into the sea over the course of a single night.

Planet of Origin

Notable Muah



The main inhabitants of Energy Nede. Nedians are very similar to Earthlings in appearance. Their most notable characteristics are their pointy ears and their potent innate symbological abilities. By SD 772, their last remnants had been absorbed into the Expellian race.

Planet of Origin

Notable Nedians

Possible Nedians


A sentient race living on the planet Rezerb, in the Zeta Sector. Rezerbians resemble leeches in that they live by sucking fluids from other organisms. Rezerbians are highly susceptible to damage by short wavelengths of light such as ultraviolet, and without the special suits that they always wear, their skin would burn to a crisp after several hours of exposure to sunlight. On the other hand, Rezerbians possess excellent regenerative abilities, and it has been said that they can fully recover from the loss of all four limbs after six months.

Planet of Origin

Notable Rezerbians


Stone-based organisms that evolved based on a special mineral called barchite. Even though they are composed of rocks, Rockfolk are independent and highly intelligent creatures.

They can be primarily found in the Greeton region, but since the Kingdom of Greeton has shut itself off from the rest of the world, they are a rare sight.

Certain Rockfolk, known as Mechateers, possess the special ability to manipulate metallic, humanoid fighting machines. Mechateers are highly respected members of Rockfolk society.

Planet of Origin

Rondo Lukian

A sentient race living on the snowbound planet of Rondo Lukia. Rondo Lukians worship a god of destruction and believe that the universe can only be saved by begging this god for mercy. The Rondo Lukians attempted to conquer the galaxy at one point and went to war with their neighbors, but they were thwarted in this ambition by an alliance between three planets. The Rondo Lukians were occupied by their conquerors for some time after the war, but thanks to the support of negotiators from the planet Fwee, they eventually regained their independence and joined the Pangalactic Federation.


A race native to Roak. They are rumored to be the source of Symbology on Roak, and are credited with teaching the planet's other races on its use.

Runes are small, pixie like creatures that float and are made of aether. The only known Runes are small and feminine in appearance.

Planet of Origin

Notable Runes


A race of genetically enhanced Muah and Earthlings.

Planets of Origin

Notable Superhumans



A race that lives in a group of four artificial satellites that orbit the planet Tetragenesis, in the Eta Sector. The Tetrageniots have a strict social structure, and the society is run by four noble houses, one in each satellite. Decisions for all Tetrageniots are made at councils that are convened from court nobles of all four houses. The most distinguishing characteristic of the Tetrageniots is, without a doubt, the third eye in the middle of their forehead. Tetrageniots make some the best gunners around. Since they are able to see things with a total of three eyes, their spatial perception is superior to most other races.

Planet of Origin

Notable Tetrageniots


An extremely multifaceted god with a wide variety of aspects, ranging from irresponsible lout to uptight square, workaholic to lazy bum, sickly to healthy, even bespectacled to possessing 20/20 vision. Although sometimes Tria's mischief goes too far and he causes a big mess, kindly watching over him and keeping him out of trouble can only be good for your karma.

Dimension of Origin

  • Unknown

Notable Entities

  • Tria



A race of humanoids that are similar in appearance to Nedians.

Planet of Origin

Notable Vanguardians



A sentient race living on the planet Vendeen. First contact with the Vendeeni occurred in the year 710 SD. The Vendeeni are descended from a shark-like cartilaginous fish, and their skin is very pale from the back down to the waist. Although the Vendeeni are one of the few races with technology rivaling that of the Pangalactic Federation and the Aldian Empire, they rarely interact with outsiders and much of Vendeeni technology is still shrouded in mystery.

Planet of Origin

Notable Vendeeni



A nomadic race without a single specific home, that wanders throughout the universe in clan-based groups.

Velbaysians possess a highly acute nervous system that makes them extremely talented in feats that require precise movements, such as acrobatics and magic tricks.

They are also well known for their extraordinary explosive muscle power, which regularly amazes members of other races. However, Velbaysians are not very good at eliminating lactic acid from their muscle fibers, so they cannot use their superior abilities for long.

Planet of Origin

  • Unknown

Notable Velbaysians