The Radish, original name unknown, is a Federation transport ship. Due to a strange incident involving radishes, the ship was rechristened the Radish by its captain.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

It was the Radish that rescued the survivors of Federation Station #17 from an Aldian attack. One of those survivors was a young Maria Traydor and her family. Her father chose to stay behind and fight the Aldians, while her mother took her onboard the Radish to escape the battle.

While they were safe at first, the ship eventually came under attack from more Aldian cruisers. Civilians were ordered to evacuate, but there weren't enough escapem pods for everyone, so Maria was sent into space on her own while her mother stayed behind. The Radish couldn't withstand such an assault, since it was only a transport ship, and was eventually destroyed, along with its crew.

Dictionary Entry

The transport ship on which Maria escaped from Federation Station #17 as a child. Unfortunately, the forces of the Aldian Empire that destroyed Federation Station #17 pursued and destroyed this ship as well. The Radish acquired its name in an incident many years before the ship was cooked in the above-mentioned altercation with the Aldian Empire.

Tasked with bringing aid to a famine-struck planet in the Lambda sector, the crew packed the ship with food--primarily radishes, as radish soup is nutritious and easy to prepare. Unfortunately, packing regulations were ignored in the rush to leave port, and soon after their departure, the substandard cargo containers began to break open. The crew fought a week long holding mission against a sea of radishes spilling forth from the cargo bays. In the chaos, stray radishes managed to find their way into hundreds of crevices, and even into the maintenance tunnels between the walls. Weeks after the mission was complete, radishes were still turning up throughout the ship. Worst of all, as time passed they ripened, creating an unbearable stench. Unable to ignore the pleas of his crew, the captain put into Remote Station #7 for maintenance. To his dismay, the maintenance chief recommended a full refit. Two weeks later when the refit was complete, the captain rechristened the ship "Radish" in an uncharacteristic display of humor, most likely developed during his long vacation on Hyda III.

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