"Funny to see that Raphael was right about you. I see you're still trying to go blindly against us"
Metatron talking about Raphael's information about the party

Raphael, also known as Jibril, is an antagonist and one of the Ten Wise Men in Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Raphael first appears atop Eluria Tower with the other Wise Men, moments before the clash of Expel with Energy Nede.

He is then only seen again in Phynal, along with Camael and Zadkiel, where they all fight Claude, Rena and their friends, ending up defeated in the end.


Raphael is fought in the second invasion of Phynal, alongside Camael and Zadkiel.

Despite his fairly average 84,000 HP and 200 MP, Raphael proves to be a formidable enemy. Like Zadkiel, he can teleport all over field, making him a serious threat; to make matters worse, he can grab your party members and send them to another universe, although attacking him will allow the character to return. His spells are Cure All and ThunderCloud, however he has a fairly weak Magic Attack compared with Camael so it shouldn't be a problem. He also has a energy wave attack similar to Gabriel's Divine Wave attack which he uses during teleportation, which is very deadly and can take multiple hits. He isn't the strongest Wise Men out of the 3, arguably one of the most deadly.


  • Raphael's true face is never seen.
  • Raphael closely resembles the Jawas from Star Wars.