Millie casts Reflection

Reflection, also known as Anti, is a recurring Symbology spell in the Star Ocean series. It is an high-rank supportive symbol that increases spell resistance of the whole party.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Millie learns Reflection at level 44, and spends 40 MP when casting it.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Reflection was originally translated as Anti in The Second Story, while a second Reflection existed. Rena Lanford learned Anti at level 54, and spent 40 MP to cast it; while Celine Jules learned Reflection at level 19, and spent 8 MP to cast it. In Second Evolution, Celine's Reflection was changed by the original Reflection (Known as Anti in The Second Evolution), and she learns at level 59 spending 40 MP to cast it as well.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Sophia Esteed, Maria Traydor and Adray Lasbard can all use Reflection.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Lymle Lemuri Phi learns Reflection at level 51, and Myuria Tionysus learns it at level 52.

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