The following is a list of Reimi Saionji's Battle Quotes from Star Ocean: The Last Hope.



"Rain of razors, fall upon my foes!"
—Crimson Squall
"Can you handle this?"
—Crescent Wings
"Fly, Savage Sparrow!"
—Savage Sparrow


"Don't you feel kind of sorry for them?"
—Head-on Battle (weak enemies)
"This should be some decent practice."
—Head-on Battle (weak enemies)
"We go first!"
—Preemptive Battle
"We were too careless!"


"Diligence, diligence!"
—Level Up
"Isn't it wonderful when effort is rewarded?"
—Level Up
"I can't keep being a nuisance forever!"
—Level Up
"I feel like I finally have some self-confidence."
—Level Up
"It's like I'm a different person now."
—Level Up
"Wonderful! I'm so glad everyone's safe."
—Winning Blow
"Not bad, but I can still do better!"
—Winning Blow
"We did it! Nicely done!"
—Winning Blow
"The next fight won't be this easy, will it?"
—Winning Blow (easy fight)
"I'm sorry, I wasn't paying close enough attention."
—Killing Blow (difficult fight))

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