Relations with the Republic of Sanmite was a book found in a bookshelves of the library in Castle Aquaria which dealt with the relations between the Kingdoms of Aquaria and Sanmite from the Aquarian perspective.


Currently, our biggest problem we have with the Republic of Sanmite centers on the sacred site of Surferio. Surferio was the capital of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, the land that was later to give rise to the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria. History clearly shows that it is part of our soverign territory. However, Surferio is now home to a number of humanoid races, such as Greem and Menodix. Such a serious issue should not be left unsettled. Our kingdom should immediately demand that the Republic of Sanmite return Surferio.

  • Scribbled on the bottom is read:

What's so great about getting that place back? What utter nonsense! Of course, it'd be a different story if we had gills.

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