The Rezerbians are the sentient race hailing from planet Rezerb. A race of thrill seekers, Rezerbians may look humanoid, but they possess many unique traits. They live by sucking fluids from other creatures, although how they do so is not apparent. They are also very sensitive to sunlight, needing to wear special suits in order to survive in open daylight.

Notable Rezerbians

Dictionary Entry

A sentient race living on the planet Rezerb, in the Zeta Sector. Rezerbians resemble leeches in that they live by sucking fluids from other organisms. Rezerbians are highly susceptible to damage by short wavelengths of light such as ultraviolet, and without the special suits that they always wear, their skin would burn to a crisp after several hours of exposure to sunlight. On the other hand, Rezerbians possess excellent regenerative abilities, and it has been said that they can fully recover from the loss of all four limbs after six months.

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