Rigel is an Inventor in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Rigel can be found in the store, "Iron Curtain" in the Mining Town of Kirlsa.


  • Skills: Level 47 Cooking
  • Time: +40%
  • Cost: +0%
  • Recruited with: Golden Curry
Can Invent
Discordant Dessert Vanilla Ice Cream
Sachertorte Umai-Bo 1
Umai-Bo 2 Umai-Bo 3
Umai-Bo 12 Tasteless Stew
Kid's Meal Super-Sweet Curry
Deluxe Fruit Bowl Corn on the Cob
Pasta Salad Chocolate Banana
Kirschtorte Fruit Parfait
Mont Blanc Silroin 140
Spicy Cake Cheap Sashami
Boiled King Crab Bleu Cheese
Tough Steak Mammoth Meat
Granadilla Juice Rambutan Juice
Tamarind Juice Winking Sage Cider
Jackfruit Juice Pomegranate Juice
Lansium Juice Mangosteen Juice
Beautiful Ice Cream Lilien's Ultimate
Perfect Duck Giant King Crab

Dictionary Entry

A young noblewoman of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria who loves nothing better than to stare off into space and dine on fine food. Rigel is incredibly picky when it comes to the food she eats. She somehow became an excellent chef herself in the process of hounding her family's resident chef morning, noon, and night to ensure that her meals are prepared according to her exacting standards.


Rigel shares her name with the brightest star in the constellation Orion. Is it Arabic for the title "The Foot of the Great One".