Doctor Robert Leingod is the father of Fayt Leingod, and one of the top researchers in the Pangalactic Federation. A researcher of Symbological Genetics, he has done a lot of research into the subject, and has found some shocking details about the universe.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Prior to the story, Robert and his fellow scientists, Clive Esteed and the Traydors, were exploring the planet Styx when the Guardian of the Time Gate spoke to them, warning that the 4D Beings, the creators of the universe, would punish all life in the galaxy for their foolish ways and they could not do anything about it. It was then that Robert and his colleagues devised a method to stop the 4D Beings' wrath by creating three Symbological genes, each with their own power. He then gave those genes to three children: the first, the gene of Destruction, he gave to his son, Fayt; the second, Alteration, was given to the Traydors' adopted daughter, Maria; and the final gene, Connection, was given to Clive's then-unborn daughter, Sophia.

In the story, Robert is abducted by Vendeeni during the escape from Hyda IV, and Sophia is captured shortly after. When Maria lands on Elicoor II, she tells Fayt that his father experimented on both of them. At first, Fayt cannot believe his father would do such a thing. Later on, when the Vendeeni, led by Biwig, offer a hostage exchange to free Robert and Sophia at the cost of two others at the Kirlsa Training Facility, Biwig orders his men to capture Fayt. However, Fayt, Sophia, Maria, Cliff, and Robert escape to another part of the buiding. There, Fayt and Maria ask him about the purpose of their powers, during which Robert recognizes who Maria is after hearing her last name. He only tells them that their powers are needed to counter a great threat and that he will tell them everything once they escape. After returning to roof of the facility, during which the transport jammer is destroyed by Albel, Nel, or Roger and the vendeeni ship is destroyed, Biwig decides to kill Fayt. Robert then pushes his son out of harm's way, taking the full impact. With his dying breath, he tells Fayt, Maria, and Sophia to head to Moonbase and find out the truth.

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A human born on Earth, and the father of Fayt. Dr. Leingod is the Pangalactic Federation's authority on symbology, is an excellent genomorphist, and has published many groundbreaking papers since he was a student. Although he is still young, he is already thought to possess the most brilliant mind of the century.

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