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Roddick Farrence, also known as Ratix in the japanese version, is the main protagonist of the first Star Ocean, as well as its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure


Roddick in First Departure

Roddick is a young Fellpool living on the planet Roak. He was a guardian of his home town, Kratus, alongside Millie Chliette and Dorne Murtough. After a petrification virus plagued the nearby town of Coule and infected Dorne, he and Millie quested to find the Serum(cure for the virus).They go to the past 300 years on the Roak Eventually, with the aid of Ronyx J. Kenny, Ilia Silvestri and various other acquaintances, he saved the future of Roak.


Roddick is proficient with long swords. He learned the basics of the Edarl sword style from his father, and he modified it for combat. He can equip heavy armor and shields.

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Level/SFT Learned
Shockwave Swirl 3 3
Firestorm Blade 5 7
Lightray Blade 5 11
Thunderclap Blade 5 13
Air Slash 8 17
Double Slash 13 19
Spirit Strike 10 25
Dragon Roar 15 29
Omega Thunderclap Blade 25 (Thunderclap Blade + Omega SFT)
Omega Lightray Blade 25 (Lightray Blade + Omega SFT)
Omega Double Slash 27 (Double Slash + Omega SFT)
Dragon Slash 25 (Spirit Strike + Four Beasts SFT)
Phoenix Blast 32 (Shockwave Swirl + Four Beasts SFT)
Blackwyrm Thundersurge 55 (Dragon Roar + Wyrm King SFT)
Bluewyrm Thundersurge 55 (Dragon Slash + Wyrm King SFT)
Redwyrm Thundersurge 55 (Phoenix Blast + Wyrm King SFT)

Family Tree




  • Roddick is a descendant of the fourth game's Eleyna Farrence.
  • In First Departure, Roddick's field sprites and animations are based off Claude's from Second History/Evolution.
  • As per the hidden "Crowe ending" of SO4, it has been speculated that Crowe F. Almedio is also Roddick's ancestor.
  • In Star Ocean: Second Evolution, the NPC named "SO Fangirl" at the Fanfic Convention in Fun City says, "Oh my, Roddick..." when you talk to her. It is possible she is referring to Roddick Farrence. In fact, in a Claude/Welch PA in Fun City on Claude's side, one of two mangas Welch offers Claude at the Fanfic Convention has a Fellpool male on the cover that matches Roddick's description.
  • Also in Second Evolution, it is revealed during a PA in Arlia on Rena's side of the story that Claude had a dog named Roddick. Ronyx said it was the first thing that came to mind when he saw the dog's tail. Sadly, Roddick was hit by a car and killed.
  • Roddick is also the only character in the game who can only learn one of the talents required to perform Music (in his case, he can only learn Rhythm Sense and never Listening).
  • Roddick's armor design in First Departure bears resemblance to Cress Albein's armor from Tales of Phantasia.
  • He is one of two main protagonists in the Star Ocean series that is not an Earthling, the other is Rena Lanford.
    • However, if Crowe is indeed Roddick's ancestor as stated above, it would mean that Roddick has some Earthling DNA, as well as Muah DNA from Crowe being one of the Seeds of Hope.

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