"None of us are gods, after all. We can only do so much."
—Ronyx J. Kenny
Ronyx J. Kenny is one of the main characters of the first Star Ocean and its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure, and reappears in Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, as the father of the main character Claude C. Kenny, and Star Ocean: Anamnesis.

Physical Appearance

Ronyx is a dark haired young man in Star Ocean, while in the second episode he is older and has a beard. His outfit changed in Star Ocean: The Second Story to reflect his Admiral post.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Ronyx was the captain of the Earth Federation Starship Calnus, and was a Captain in the Federation until the Roak incident, which propelled him to the status of Admiral. He and Ilia Silvestri were sent to Roak to attempt to help them, and ended up bringing Millie, Roddick and Dorne onto the Calnus with them. They attempt to save Dorne of his disease, but they fail and he is petrified. He is the first to enter the Time Gate, landing somewhere near Van or Autanim with Millie. Due to leaving his weapon behind, he resorts to using a bow and arrow. Though he is shy to admit how Millie taugh him symbology, it is simply believed that she had to give him the symbology tattoo, and being a man of the military, was reluctant to show. He and Millie eventually encounter Mavelle Froesson, and travel with her. Ronyx always tries to talk her out of revenge, and even follow her to ensure her safety. Their close friendship often makes Ilia very jealous. After all of the party members defeat Asmodeus, he learns of Jie Revorse's possible plots, so he and Ilia round the group back up again. If the player activated enough private actions, a hidden ending will play out between him and Ilia, proposing to her.

In Between

Ronyx EX

Ronyx just prior to arriving at Milokeenia

It is speculated that Ronyx had a relationship with Ilia Silvestri and had a son, Claude C. Kenny. When Claude was a child they got a dog with a big fluffy tail which reminded Ronyx of his old friend Roddick Farrence so he christened the dog 'Roddick' after his former adventuring companion. The dog died after being hit by a car on Earth.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

"I've turned my back on a billion people... and my own son."
—Ronyx blames himself after Expel's destruction by Energy Nede.
Admiral Ronyx

An older Ronyx

Ronyx spends much of the story looking for Claude after being separated, until the Calnus detects Claude's distress signal and approaches Planet Expel. Later, Gabriel shows off his power by destroying the Calnus with an antimatter cannon, and Ronyx, along with his entire crew, is killed. Due to a private action in Arlia, Claude claims that when Ronyx had bought a dog, he had named it Roddick due to its tail, and his belief that Fellpool tails were like monkey's. He often made Claude uncomfortable as a child, believing that he must fill Ronyx's big footsteps in life.


Ronyx has Symbological tattoos somewhere on his body that he got during the incident on Roak to make him more effective in battle, and generally prefers a crossbow or phase gun in battle. Interestingly enough, Ronyx is also the only mage in Star Ocean with Dark-elemental spells in his arsenal (in addition to having the standard Fire, Wind, Earth, and Light-elemental spells).

However, unlike the other spell casters in the game, all of his weapons use do not grant him any magic bonuses, meaning his damage output tends to be lower than the rest of the mages.


Star Ocean: First Departure

Name MP Cost Level/Item Learned
Glaive 2 Default
Fire Bolt 2 Default
Thunder Bolt 2 Default
Wounds 2 Default
Shadow Bolt 5 Default
Laser Beams 4 Default
Black Saber 10 Default
Eruption 16 Default
Crushing Earth 12 Default
Thunder Storm 14 Default
Light Cross 10 Default
Thunder Cloud 24 34
Star Flare 26 36
Shadow Flare 31 38
Stone Rain 46 46
Explode 48 48
Dark Sphere 64 48
Ravenous Fiend 19 (Item, Space-Time Laboratory)
Demon's Gate 37 (Item, Revorse Tower 1F)
Meteor Swarm 70 (Item, Revorse Tower 2F)

Family Tree

Claude Tree

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Availability: Gacha Permanent

Role: Caster 5☆ to 6☆

Weapon: Bow


  • Symbology Awakening - INT +40% (All Allies)
  • Military Character - Damage +20% & AP Consumption -20% (Self)

Rush Combo: Explode - Reduce Symbology Cast Time by 50% (All Allies 20 seconds) Power: INT x 2,500% Max Hit Count: 10 Element: Fire


  • Stone Rain 35 AP - Power: INT x 460% Max Hit Count: 5 Element: Earth
  • Explosion 35 AP - Power: INT x 460% Max Hit Count: 14 Element: Fire
  • Terra Hammer 42 AP - Power: INT x 670% Max Hit Count: 6 Element: Earth
  • Volcanic Burst 42 AP - Power: INT x 670% Max Hit Count: 13 Element: Fire

LB 10 Level 70 Status:

  • HP: 12,810
  • ATK: 1,723
  • INT: 2,100
  • DEF: 1,076
  • HIT: 938
  • GRD: 756



  • Ronyx, along with Welch Vineyard, is the only main character to have appeared in more than one of the main episodes of Star Ocean.
  • Ronyx is curious about the texture of Fellpools tails, often making comments that he'd like to touch Roddick's tail.
  • During a Private Action in Silvalant, where Millie tells Roddick to ask the party members if they like dogs or cats, Ronyx states he likes dogs due their loyalty.
    • He will also state that he should get a dog when he gets back home, foreshadowing Claude's dog, in Second History/Evolution.
      • Claude's dog is named Roddick as a homage to his Roakian friend.
  • Ronyx and Claude are heavily implied to be descendants of the fourth game's Stephen D. Kenny.
  • It is heavily implied in the game that Ilia becomes his wife and later, mother to Claude Kenny, the main protagonist of Star Ocean: The Second Evolution.
  • In Star Ocean, Ronyx had another wife that died of an illness before the events of the game. He wished that symbology was on Earth, so that his wife could be cured, but realized that that would be impossible.
  • He shares his Japanese voice actor, Kenji Hamada, with Crowe Almedio from the fourth game.

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