The Rossetti Troupe is a traveling circus group from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Among all of the members in the troupe, Peppita Rossetti is the one who has the most direct action with Fayt during the story, as she can be recruited to Fayt's team at Moonbase.

Troupe Members


The Rossetti Circus Troupe

  • Piccolotto Rossetti - Peppita's uncle and leader of the troupe.
  • Peppita Rossetti - Piccolotto's niece who was taken in after her mother died and her father left her. Only member who Fayt can directly fight with and recruit.
  • Dulcinea - A beautiful woman wearing a red dress, who acts as the assistant leader of the troupe.
  • Gonnella the Clown - A green clothed clown who Peppita wishes would shut up sometimes. He is often sarcastic and tries to get out of doing any actually work.
  • Ursus the Strongman - A large muscular man who acts somewhat as Peppita's guardian, and is much nicer and wellspoken than his outward appearance would lead one to believe.
  • Quantestorie - A young Alphalian man with a strange, poetic way of speaking, who tends to make everything sound dramatic and exciting.

Dictionary Entry

A wandering space circus troupe led by the Velbaysian, Piccolotto Rossetti. This troupe is too small to be very famous, but it is a reasonably talented troupe as small circus troupes go.

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