The Royal City of Airyglyph is the capitol city of the Kingdom of Airyglyph. Located on a mountain range, the kingdom has a great tactical position, but since it is located in such a cool climate it is tough to actually grow anything in the area.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

After the party escapes the Airyglyph Aqueducts, they sneak out of the city to a wagon waiting outside.

Later, the party return to seek retrieve Albel.


Dragon Treasure
Item Cost
Blueberries 45
Aquaberries 15
Blackberries 35
Gooseberry Juice 3100
Steamed Bun 200
Item Cost
Holy Sword 19600
Osprey Dagger 15100
Broad Axe 24000
Damask Gauntlet 44000

Left-Handed Lizard
Item Cost
Masterwork Plate 24000
Superior Chain Mail 26800
Dragon's Dungeon
Item Cost
Compunding Elixirs 120
Cooking Ingredients 120
Silver Ring 1750
Clone Generator 350
Basil 20
Sage 20
Lavender 20
Fresh Sage 310


  • Perfect Berries x2
  • Aquaberries
  • 520 Fol
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • 1400 Fol
  • Ripe Berries
  • Blueberries
  • Compounding Elixirs

Dictionary Entry

The capital city of the military superpower of Airyglyph. Airyglyph's land is surrounded by 2,000 meter-high mountains. Due to its high elevation, natural resources such as grain and animals are extremely difficult to come by. In the past, its finances were covered by large-scale resource mining, the domestication of livestock, and other means, but there have been reports that Airyglyph's mines are nearing depletion.

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