The SRF-001 Aquila in the in-game menu

The SRF-001 Aquila is the first ship out of five that launched from the SRF base in the storyline of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Crowe F. Almedio is the captain of this ship. It goes missing along with the other ships that launched.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Rolled out in A.D. 2095, the SRF-001 was an A-Series vessel, though modifications to the frame allowed more of the interior space to be utilized than in prior A-Series models. Its powerful engines provide enough excess energy to keep the gravity in the interior of the ship to a constnat 0.98G's.

During the warp-out to Aeos something happened that makes all of the ships malfunction. They all used an emergency warp-out which sends them around the galaxy in different timezones. The SRF-003 Calnus, SRF-002 Balena, SRF-004 Dentdelion and the SRF-005 Eremia land on Aeos while the location of the Aquila is unknown. After the Calnus is back online, Edge Maverick aims to find the Aquila throughout his journey as Crowe F. Almedio, Edge's best friend, is the ship's captain.

Later on, it is revealed that the Aquila ended up in a different part of the galaxy, far from Aeos. Shortly after, the Aquila manages to destory a Cardianon warship that was attacking a small Morphus vessel, but was unable to save its only passenger- Lucien Tionysus. After this, the crew sends out a distress, which is picked up by Bacchus D-79, who was on a mission to Arcturis VIII investigate the Grigori. The Aquila's crew agrees to help Bacchus on his mission and infiltrate the Cardianon Mothership. Despite being captured, the Aquila and its crew are able to escape and heads to En II.

SRF-001 Aquila-B

SRF-001 Aquila-B High Speed Cruiser


Under Bacchus' guidance on En II, the Aquila was enhanced to a cruiser-class offensive craft in order to aide in the Morphusmission. This new vessel utilizes a gravitic warp engine and is a pure extra-terrestrial, spacefaring craft whose only atmospheric capabilities are shuttles held in interior hangers. A secondary bridge is installed in the engine section in case the primary bridge is damaged.

During this time, the crew learns that one of the grigori is located on Aeos. While heading there, its crew rescues Arumat P. Thanatos from his damaged ship and leads some of the Eldarian refugee ships that had fled Eldar before it was destroyed to Aeos. However, while in orbit around Aeos, the Eldarian ships are attacked by phantom ships. Despite being able to fight against the phantom ships, it is unable to prevent them from destroying the Eldarian ships.

Final Moments

During the invasion of Nox Obscurus, the Aquila is appears again on the battlefield. Here it is shown that the ship has been heavily damaged while fighting the Phantom ships, with Crowe being the only survivor. In order to get rid of the creature guarding Nox Obscurus, Crowe uses the technology on the ship to turn it into a black hole, allowing the Calnus to breach the planet's surface.

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