The SRF-005 Eremia after it was discovered by Edge and Reimi.

The SRF-005 Eremia is an SRF spaceship that accompanied the SRF on the first mission. Unfortunately soon after warp-out it crashed down on Aeos just like the SRF-003 Calnus. Initially, the ship sustained less damage than the other ships.

After losing contact with the Eremia, the Calnus' captain, Grafton, orders Edge and Reimi to investigate what had happened. Upon leaving the Calnus, Edge and Reimi see smoke coming from the direction of the Eremia. When they reach the area where the ship had landed, they discover that the ship had been destroyed. After finding a surviving crewmember nearby, they ask him what happened. They dying crewmember tells them that, after the ship landed on Aeos, the crew investigated the area, during which they found what they believed to be a meteor fragment and brought it back to the ship for investigation. However, according to him, something terrible happened afterwards, which ended up the rest of the crew being killed and him being forced to destroy the ship. Shorty after this, when Faize arrives, an unknown substance appears from the ocean and aborbs both the Eremia and the dead crewmember, transforming into Armaros.

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