"STAR OCEAN Forever" from Star Ocean: Second Evolution
SO2 - Star Ocean FOREVER

"STAR OCEAN Forever" is a recurring tune present in several tracks throughout the series' 5 installments and can be considered the series' main theme. It is most frequently heard in Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey and its remake Star Ocean: First Departure, even though the track's name itself is first seen in Star Ocean: The Second Story.

Game Appearances

"New Human Race" from Star Ocean: First Departure
SO1 - New Human Race

Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/Star Ocean: First Departure

The main theme of Star Ocean is the main tune of several tracks: "First Experience", "Take a Fancy", "Reunion" and "New Human Race" and "Space Peace". It is also present in "Mother Ocean".

"A feeling of oppression" from Star Ocean: Second Evolution
SO2 - A Feeling of Oppression

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Star Ocean: Second Evolution

"STAR OCEAN Forever" is the theme for the credit roll of the second Star Ocean. Its tune can be heard in "A feeling of oppression".

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

"STAR OCEAN Forever" returns in a Jazz remix in the third Star Ocean.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

"Cosmic Voyagers" from Star Ocean: The Last Hope
SO4 - Cosmic Voyagers

This theme can be heard in The Last Hope's "Ruin and Creation", the theme for the introcuction scenes of this game, and is recicled in "Cosmic Voyagers", an extremely prolific theme in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It is also present in "Worlds Yet Unexplored", which plays on the game's credit roll.

Other Appearances

Star Ocean: The Second Story Fantasy Megamix

A version of STAR OCEAN Forever is present is present in this arrange album.