Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Saber-Toothed Tiger
Japanese サーベルタイガー
Romaji Sāberu Taigā
Race Animal
Location Wind Swallow Valley
Celestial Ship
Planet Lemuris
Weak points
Weak against Fire, Wind
Resistant to Water
Innate Abilities Nullifies water symbols 20% of the time
Steal {{{steal}}}
Experience 6
Fol Dropped 102
Items Dropped Wolf Fang
Wolf Oil
Raw Animal Meat
Saber-Toothed Tiger Fang - (Zoology Drop)
Abilities Mana Stream

The Saber-Toothed Tiger is an enemy found on planet Lemuris in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

It is a basic enemy, but its Mana Stream attack, identical to Mana Yeti's ice breath, is very dangerous since it has a decent range and a chance to freeze your characters. Defeat it with blindsides, and Lymle's abilities are extremely effective against these.

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Dictionary Entry

Named for its large, protruding canine teeth, this creature is less ferocious and much more endearing than its counterpart in Earth zoology. This is not the animal's young, but rather its full adult size. Its ability to withstand the cold stems from the water-element crystals on its body, a product of evolution.

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