Exploring the Sacred Grounds of Linga.

"Oh, this is no field trip. It's a dangerous place, and you could pay with your life."
Bowman Jeane

The Sacred Grounds of Linga is a dungeon in Star Ocean: Second Evolution, and is known as the Sanctuary of Linga in Star Ocean: The Second Story.

The Sacred Grounds are a network of caverns located in a mountain range, on the southern part of the continent of Laceur. The grounds are located just to the west of Linga. They are full of medicinal herbs, and there are some herbs that can only be found there, making it a valuable place. However, they are also full of ravenous monsters that make exploration dangerous, and it is rumored that an area called the Door to Another World can be found deep inside.


When Claude, Rena and their companions go to Bowman to ask for his help with meeting Keith Krasner, Bowman sends them to the Sacred Grounds to fetch a rare herb. His rationale is that if the party could explore Krosse Cave deeply enough to find the Ancient Text, then the Sacred Grounds would be no problem for them. Therefore, if they can accomplish his task, then the text is most likely legitimate.

The party can come back with one of two herbs that will satisfy Bowman. The easier of the two to get, the Clarisage, will impress him enough to arrange an introduction, although he will say that he's seen its like before. He will be shocked if the party brings him the Dill Whip, which is found much deeper inside of the cave, and will declare that they have found an entirely new type of herb. He will be annoyed by the party's indifference to his awe, as their only reaction will be joy that they found something rare enough to convince Bowman to introduce them to Keith.

Beyond the point where the group can find the Dill Whip, they can encounter an area that Bowman called The Door to Another World, a place full of skeletons from gigantic beasts. It is possible, however, to leave after finding a rare herb, and never enter this area. Once they arrive, they are ambushed by a group of beasts called Visseya. Each one of them is capable of swallowing a person whole. After defeating the monsters, the party will comment that the place doesn't look like it could have happened naturally, but that in order to have artificially created it, one would need the power of a god.

In Star Ocean: Second Evolution, if the party fights the Visseya and then decides to recruit Bowman, it is possible to ask Bowman for more information about the Sacred Grounds. This Private Action occurs in Linga, and was not present in Star Ocean: The Second Story.


The following enemies are present during all visits to the Sacred Grounds of Linga (with the exception of the Visseya, a one-time fight.)

  • Blood Hound
  • Killer Rabbit
  • Mandrake
  • Wolfhead
  • Coquettish Whip
  • Ooze
  • Visseya (Optional Boss)


The most common treasures in the Sacred Grounds are herbs, which grow in many places throughout the caves and can be picked. Most of the herbs are common, and can be purchased in various shops throughout the world. Only a few are rare herbs, which Bowman will accept as proof that the party has explored the cave thoroughly.

In addition to herbs, the following treasures can be found in the Sacred Grounds.

  • Mixed Syrup
  • Ruby
  • Rainbow Diamond
  • Chain of Might
  • Bubble Lotion
  • Amulet of Antivenin
  • Drill Puncher
  • Twin Splicers
  • Cinderella Glass
  • Medicine Bottle
  • Unidentified Armor (Rune Buckler)
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