The Sacred Orb is an item of great importance to the country of Aquaria. Said to have been handed to the people of Aquaria by Apris, the Sacred Orb houses great power and its true purpose is unknown.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

After the Vendeeni attack on Elicoor II, it was discovered that the survivors had attacked the Shrine of Kaddan and were planning to take the Sacred Orb. The party immediately rushed to the shrine and stopped the Vendeeni from taking it. After they defeated the Vendeeni party, Maria scanned the orb and confirmed from its high energy readings that it was an Out of Place Artifact.

Later, when the party are trying to reach the Spiral Tower to contact Luther Lansfeld, Blair tells them they'd need the OPA of the Milky Way galaxy to reach his space. When she describes what it looks like, the party immediately know where to look. With the permission of Aquaria XXVII, the party retrieve the orb and take it to the Ancient Ruins of Mosel, where they open up a portal to Luther's private space.

The Sacred Orb's Blessing

A book found in Arias titled 'The Sacred Orb's Blessing' elaborates on the powers of the Orb and its gifts to the peoples of Aquaria as follows.

"The waters that flow from the Sacred Orb mix with springs to become a river. The pure water drives away evil and nurture grain, fish, and animals. Without the blessing of these divine waters Aquaria would have never flourished."

Dictionary Entry

Part 1

A royal treasure of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, hidden and sealed in the Shrine of Kaddan. It is infused with a powerful runological force, and is said to gush forth sacred water from within.

Part 2

A mysterious sphere that glows with a silvery sheen, hidden and sealed in the Shrine of Kaddan. When the orb is scanned with a quad scanner, no matching data can be found, so at present there is no way to be certain whether it is made of metal or some type of ore. Strangely, its internal structure seems to be always shifting--its light reflection coefficient and its density changing constantly over time.

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