SO4 - Sahariel

Sahariel attacks the Calnus' crew.

Sahariel is a Grigori, an antagonist present in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It the third boss you fight in the game, and is fought on Cardianon Mothership.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

After the heroes reach the Cardianon Mothership's Central Isolation Chamber, where the ship's final Grigori is located, Bacchus D-79 uses a warhead to destory it. Before they can leave, however, they are confronted by the Cardianon Leader, who riding an Armored Dragoon. After seeing what had happened to their last Epiphany of Guidance, he lashes out at the group, saying that they will pay for what they have done. Edge tries to make him realize that the Grigori are not what they seem and that if they don't stop what they are doing, they will end up suffering the same fate as their planet. However, the Cardianon Leader ignores his words, claiming that the Epiphanies of Guidance have made them gods and they have become "all who are one". After proclaiming that he will destroy them, he and his armed dragoon are absorbed by the Grigori's remains and transformed into the Grigori Sahariel, which then attacks the party.

After being defeated, the Cardianon Leader returns to normal, but is barely alive. Before dying, he throws a bomb at the group, hoping to take them down with him. However, Bacchus shields the group from the explosion using his body.


Main article: Sahariel (Boss)

He appears as a giant armoured beast which is far more advanced than the last boss battles. He is a four-legged dragon like beast with mechanical weapons and a tail used to perform attacks. He may also attack with a lightning storm that covers the whole field, but this is more annoying than dangerous since it holds you in place.

Defeating Sahariel grants the player the "Squelched Sahariel" Achievement/Trophy.

Dictionary Entry

A monster created when an Armed Dragoon was absorbed into the Grigori onboard the Cardianon Mothership. It attacks with the multitude of weaponry installed on its body. When the upper body is fully uprigth it spouts powerful beams and deadly lightning. Its vital core is usually hidden inside its body, but there might be some other way of getting to it...


Sahariel is a alternate name for Sariel, one of the Grigori, a group of fallen angels from the Book of Enoch. His name means "command of God".

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