Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
SO4 - Sahariel
Japanese サハリエル
Romaji Saharieru
Race Other (Grigori)
Location Central Isolation Chamber
Planet Cardianon
Weak points Chest
Weak against Lightning, Water
Resistant to Fire, Wind
Innate Abilities Grants 'No Guard' status
Rush Gauge charge rate +2
Steal {{{steal}}}
Experience 16661
Fol Dropped 7711
Items Dropped Blueberries, Fresh Sage
Abilities V-Beam

Sahariel is the third Grigori found by the SRF, and is fought on Arcturis VIII. It is a relatively easy battle.


Sahariel is a large dragon like beast with some perks. Its attacks aren't too damaging against you. It uses physical attacks and some blast attacks. When you are close it use its clawed arm swipes or bites. It can throw you into the air as well and attack while airborn. If you are behind it swipes with its tail. Defeating Sahariel isn't that difficult as you don't lose much health and its defense isn't brillaint. Just attack physically with Specials and combos and other physical attacks. Sahariel happens to have a weak spot on his lower chest which isn't visible at the start of the battle. Sahariel revelas it when he rears back to perform certain attacks. Use skills like Edge's Stampede Slash if you have it to interrupt Sahariel's attack and deal more damage. Have others use Symbology and Heal with Lymle; or Edge if you removed her. Bacchus comes in handy with his enormous health and powerful attacks, particularly his Galvanic Shock. If you continue to attack it, it will eventually deplete all of its health. Heal where necessary and there may be some incapacitations but very few.

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