"The Town of Salva is a small mining town that is located, not surprisingly, next to a mine called Salva Drift."
—Star Ocean: The Second Story: Prima's Official Strategy Guide.

The town of Salva.

Salva is a town in Expel. It is a mining town located on a pass between Arlia and Krosse. The Salva Mines as well as The Seven Dwarves bar are located here. It is the hometown of Allen Tucks, the son of the town's mayor.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

"Did you hear? They're saying the guy who beat Allen was the actual Hero of Light!"
—The Bartender of The Seven Dwarves Bar.}
Salva - WM

Salva on the world map.

Salva is visited when Allen kidnaps Rena Lanford and attempts to marry her on the ceremonial chanber he had ordered built for this purpose in the Salva Mines, but Claude C. Kenny swiftly rescues Rena, and Allen, who had been mentally and physically altered due to an energy stone's mysteriouis radiation energy. After the rescue, the small mining town is in an uproar, and not just about the whole Allen affair, but about the Hero of Light as well. Both Rena and Claude return to Arlia.


The Jeweled Dagger
Item Cost
Longsword 200
Twin Fury 850
Brass Knuckles 110
Leather Helmet 50
Leather Armor 300
Sandals 10
Leather Greaves 50

The Kicking Dolphin
Item Cost
Strawberry Jam 50
Raspberry Jam 60
Apple Jam 70
The Fairie's Tear
Item Cost
Necklace 1200
Ruby Earring 6000
Silver Barrette 1300
Rose Hip 230
Athelas 660
Aquaberries 105
Blackberries 200
Blueberries 60
Spectacles 8


  • Portrait B
  • Hefty Ring
  • Rena's Hairpin

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