Salva Mines

The Salva Mines

The Salva Mines are a mining area beneath the town of Salva, located in the Krosse Kingdom in planet Expel. It is the first dungeon visited in Star Ocean: The Second Story, and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

After Rena Lanford is kidnapped by Allen's and taken to Salva, she finds a hidden passage at her kidnapper's manor into the Salva Mines. Deep inside, she finds a recently built room with an altar. Allen finds her inside, and binds her to a table, planning to have their wedding ceremony right there.

Fortunately, Claude C. Kenny follows Rena to Salva, finding the hidden passage as well. He discovers the altar where Rena is being held, and confronts Allen. Upon being discovered, Allen goes berserk, transforming into a strange beast, and attacks Claude, but is defeated by his sword skills. After this, he reverts to normal and regains consciousness, losing the influence from an Energy Stone in his possession. After this event, Rena and Claude return to Arlia.

Later, after hearing a rumor about a dragon causing havoc in the Salva Mines at Harley, the party decides to return to Arlia and try to vanquish it. However, upon finding the dragon, they meet a warrior already fighting him and decide to cheer on him. The warrior is distracted by the noise and somehow, the dragon fuses with him, giving Ashton Anchors a new pair of dragon heads.

Furious with the party, Ashton Anchors demands they take full responsibility, and sticks to them for the rest of their adventure, expecting them to find a cure for his curse.


First Visit

Second Visit


First Visit

  • Rose Hip
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Silver
  • Iron
  • Blueberries
  • Gold
  • Gold

Second Visit

  • Maple Syrup
  • Brigandine
  • Iron
  • Aquaberries
  • Gold Earring
  • Cinderella Glass
  • Star Ruby
  • Diamond

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