"I'm a peddler of the stars. I travel the universe selling my wares."
—Santa, Mercantilean.

Santa the Mercantilean is a character in the Star Ocean universe who seems to travel all over the galaxy, selling rare and expensive items to people who can find him.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey

Santa is found in the city of Silvalant, Santa can be found hidden beside a tree, and only his feet can be seen. His stock is worth millions of Fol.

Star Ocean: The Second Story

Santa pops up occasionally in the Sixth Floor of the Maze of Tribulations, his stock consisting of all the minerals in the game and extremely rare items.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

"Once you become a sophisticated peddler like me, travel between different worlds becomes possible."
—Santa, Mercantilean.

Found in the Maze of Tribulations, Santa is a very strange being, who has all the rarest items available, but at insanely high prices. It is unclear what race he is supposed to be exactly, but the fact that he has a second face on his stomach seems to be rather off putting for Fayt.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Santa pops up occasionally on Floor 8 and above of the Wandering Dungeon. As before, his prices are insanely high (Edge comments he'd need to take out a mortgage to pay for most of it), but his equipment is top-notch. Fortunately, if the player can complete the orders he lists, they can gain a sizable chunk of EXP and all the prices will fall 10%.

Dictionary Entry

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

"Santa the Mercantilean" is a superhero from the planet Mercantil. Money is faster than anyone! Money is stronger than the married man! I'll buy tall buildings in a single payment! A hero? Or a heroine? Hmm...

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

A dangerous... er, dashing superhero from a mysterious merchant planet. Those who know him revere his name... not that anyone knows him, really. Riding his rough, rugged Violator (complete with one-cylinder engine), he's back in action and ready to save us all!

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