The following is a list of Sarah Jerand's Battle Quotes from Star Ocean: The Last Hope.



"Are you alright?"
"Let me take care of that!"
—Ex Healing
"Faerie, please bring us aid."
—Faerie Healing
"Come on everyone, buck up!"
—Faerie Light
"Phew, just in time!"
—Cure Condition
"Good luck now!"
"It's time to wake up now!"
"I'm going to cut you to pieces!"
—Wind Blade
"Round and round it goes..."
"Please, stay away from me!"
—Blast Hurricane
"Lightning... um, something!"
—Lightning Blast
"Ooh, this is probably going to hurt."
—Thunder Flare
"Umm, this is a spear of light!"
—Radiant Lancer
"I hope this works."
—Aurora Rings
"Hope you like it hot!"
"This'll give you a nice boost!"
"Angel, grant us strength."
—Angel Feather
"A shield of light to protect you."
"Sorry about this..."
—Sacred Pain


"Looks like we haven't been noticed."
—Preemptive Battle
"The early bird catches the worm."
—Preemptive Battle
"Get ready, here we come!"
—Preemptive Battle
"Oh, you don't look very friendly."
"Oh dear, has the fight already begun?"
"This doesn't seem very fair."
"Oh my, how very cute!"
—Head-on Battle
"Even I can handle this!"
—Head-on Battle (weak enemies)
"Here I come!"
—Activate Rush Mode
"Here goes nothing!"
—Activate Rush Mode
"Please, wait for me!"
—Flee Battle


"Is this really okay? Thank you!"
—Level Up
"Oh dear, I feel so powerful!"
—Level Up
"I feel like I'm walking on air!"
—Level Up
"That was easier than trying to fly!"
—Winning Blow (easy fight)
"Oh my! That was over before it began!"
—Winning Blow (easy fight)
"I hope I was able to be of service!"
—Winning Blow
"I'll do my best next time, too!"
—Winning Blow
"My goodness, that wasn't much fun."
—Winning Blow (difficult fight)
"Phew... that was pretty dangerous, wasn't it?"
—Winning Blow (difficult fight)

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