"I... shall create... a uniform world... a vast universe of perfect harmony..."

Satanail is the final transformation of the Apostle of Creation and the final boss of Star Ocean: The Last Hope.


After the party returns from the dimension where the Apostle of Creation sent them to, the party calls out to Faize. The Grigori residing within Nox Obscurus' core responds to the Apostle's anguish and merges with him to become Satanail. The party then fights the transformed Apostle one last time. Upon Satanail's defeat, the Grigori is destroyed (resulting in Nox Obscurus' collapse) and Faize is returned to normal, no longer in the armor of the Apostle.


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Satanail is the final boss of Star Ocean: The Last Hope and is fought immediately after the battle with the Apostle of Creation.

Defeating Satanail grants the player the "Silenced Satanail" Achievement/Trophy and triggers the game's ending.

Dictionary Entry

The largest Grigori known to exist, ensconced in the central core of Nox Obscurus. Absorbing the Apostle of Creation has made it the most powerful Grigori throughout the universe. The surface of its body is protected by an impregnable defense wall that renders all attacks harmless.


Satanail's name comes from the second book of Enoch, which explains that Satan's name was originally Satanail. At the time, Satanail was one of the fallen angels, or 'Grigori', alongside Kokabiel, Armaros, Baraqel and many more.