Shady Shop

The Shady Shop

Shady Shop - WM

The Shady Shop in the world map

The Shady Shop is a secret area in Energy Nede. It is located in the islands between Princebridge and the Field of Might. There the player can find Tok, a shadowy salesman with an expensive, but very powerful and rare stock.


Shady Shop: For a Few Fol More
Item Cost
Wizard's Cap 65200
Mithril Helmet 83400
Mithril Mesh 250000
Wizard's Armor 240000
Steel Armor 52000
Crested Shield 36600
Gauntlet of Air 105000
Mithril Greaves 76000
tri-Emblum 31419
Wyrm King's Ribbon 12000
Magical Rasp 350000


The Shady Shop uses the same background as the place where the children of Marze were held in the Forest of Symbols.

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