Silence SO4

Edge invokes the Silence Symbol.

Silence is a recurring Symbology skill in the Star Ocean series. It consists of a symbol that halts the flow of air around enemies and renders them unable to cast symbols.


Tome of Silence

Upon the many tomes, books, texts, and other documents in the Runological Library of Castle Aquaria in Aquios is the Tome of Silence which explains to the reader about the support symbol required to cast the Silence symbology magic.


Silence blocks the flow of runological force around the target, thereby preventing the invocation of runology. When using this skill, you must not forget that blocking the flow of runolofical force to runes carved on the usual places that lack their own runological force is very easy, but doing the same for runes carved on special locations, items, or a body possessing a strong runological force requires considerable experience, ability, and luck.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Millie Chliette learns this spell at level 10, and Erys Jerand knows it by default. It costs 14 MP to cost for both characters.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Evolution

"Halts the flow of air and prevents spell casting for all enemies on screen."
—Symbol Description, Second Evolution.

Rena Lanford learns Silence at level 12. It costs 14 MP to cast.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

"Prevents the enemy from using symbols."
—Symbol Description.

Anyone can learn Silence by equipping the Common Support Symbols skill. Sophia Esteed and Adray Lasbard learn it through leveling. The Symbol, which prevents its target from casting spells for a period of time if sucessful, costs 20 Fury and 10 MP to invoke; its chance of success increases with its caster's proficency with the Symbol.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Edge Maverick learns Silence at level 17 after reaching a certain story event. Lymle Lemuri Phi learns it at level 25.

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