Silvalant City

Silvalant City.

Silvalant City is a city in the Silvalant continent in Roak. It is the capital of the Silvalant Kingdom.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Silvalant City - WM

Silvalant City on the World Map.

The party reaches Silvalant City so as to contact the king, on their quest to defeat Asmodeus. Upon arriving at the castle, they ask for an audience with the king, where, after loooking at the Van Emblem he speaks to the party and tells them about the location of the entrance to the Demon World, giving them the Silvalant Emblem and permission to travel on the ships that are docked in the city.

Character Recruitment Changes

  • If the player has recruited a combination of either Ashlay and Ioshua or Phia and Ioshua, Millie will rejoin in Silvalant City at level 40 (as opposed to level 30 in Eckdart). If Millie rejoins at Silvalant, she will also gain +3 affection toward Roddick.


Gifts for the Season
Item Cost
Blueberries 50
Blackberries 180
Aquaberries 70
Medicine Bottle 300
Resurrection Elixir 500
Artemis Leaf 320
Lavender 35
Athelas 800
Sweet Syrup 200
Witch Powder 500
Potion of Might 500
Sleeping Gas 200
Mind Bomb 300
Flare Bomb 180
Spectacles 10
Pet Food 10
Iron 150
Keen Kitchen Knife 4000

Santa the Dealer
Item Cost
Santa's Boots 4500000
tri-Emblem 8000765
Music Editor 100000
Magical Rasp 100000
Jewel of the Frog 100000
Eggs and Dairy 20
Sirloin 7200
Creamy Cheese 3600
Ingredients of Yarma 100000
The Icy Blade
Item Cost
Walloon Sword 4000
Flamberge 7100
Baselard 2500
Crested Rod 3000
Cestus 4500
Spear 4000
Crossbow 3000
Crescent Orb 12000
Playful Handy Stick 4000
Plate Armor 4200
Holy Cloak 10000
Shaolin Top 3000
Fashionable Bikini 1800
Plate Helmet 2800
Plate Greaves 1300

Grocery Store
Item Cost
Grains 150
Fruit 80
Vegetables 20
Meat 50
Seafood 150
Eggs and Dairy 20
Sirloin 7200
Creamy Cheese 3600
Ingredients of Yarma 100000

Skill Guild
Item Cost
Knowledge 3 2700
Sense 3 2700
Technical 3 3600
Combat 3 4500

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