The Sol is a small Eldarian shuttlecraft, capable of atmospheric entry, stored inside many ships in the Eldarian fleet. The original, designed by Faize Sheifa Beleth, can be controlled remotely via brainwave synchronization. The Sol is armed with only a plasma gun and an electromagnetic defense shield, but its engine includes a gravity ring core powered by a small antimatter reactor allowing the craft to fly at near-lightspeed in normal space and reach speeds of up to warp 5 during subspace flight.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

The Sol is first seen on a coast of Aeos as Faize arrives in it. After defeating Armaros, Faize suggests using it to get back to the new base. Edge Maverick politely declines wanting to explore the area more. Faize then, surprising both Edge and Reimi Saionji, sends it back without him, explaining it is synced to his brainwaves.

Before leaving Aeos for Lemuris Supreme Commander Gaghan requests that Faize leaves it with him for reasons unexplained. However, when the Eldarian fleet gets attacked by Phantom forces, he boards it and heads out into the battlefield. It isn't seen for the rest game until the destruction of Nox Obscurus, in which after Faize gets beaten as both the Apostle of Creation and Satanail. Before falling into the black hole left behind as a result of the collapse of Nox Obscurus, Edge is saved by the Sol, presumably called by Faize. Whether or not Faize survived is open to interpretation.

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