Sophia Esteed is Fayt's childhood friend and perhaps even his sweetheart. Her father is a close friend and research partner of Fayt's parents and, as a result, the two families have spent a lot of time together. Sophia has an ongoing interest in the history of Symbology, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone to learn how talented she is at it.
—Official Strategy Guide

Sophia Esteed (ソフィア・エスティード, Sofia Esutīdo?) is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. An Earthling born on the orbital colony Moonbase and who later moved to Earth, she is a childhood friend of Fayt Leingod. She also makes a playable appearance in Star Ocean: Anamnesis.


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Sophia is caught up in the attack on Hyda IV with Fayt. She escapes with Fayt, but they are soon split up by different escape pods. It is then discovered she was captured by the Vendeeni, being a key part in ultimately luring Fayt into the open. Fortunately, the Vendeeni attempt doesn't succeed, it being thwarted at the Kirlsa Training Facility. After being rescued she joins the party on their trip to Moonbase, where, Sophia learns that she, too, was experimented on by Dr. Leingod and Dr. Esteed as a child and given the power of Connection. Sophia uses this power on Styx to allow the party to enter the 4D Space.
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You just have to believe what you feel in your heart. Let's choose to believe.
—Sophia Esteed
She is a fairly odd girl, at least for the time and age she lives in (S.D. 772), for she enjoys cooking, cleaning, and basic things traditionally considered "feminine".

Because she is such close friends with Fayt and his parents, as well as her and Fayt's parents working together, she is considered a member of the family and refers to Fayt's father and mother as "Uncle Robert" and "Aunty Ryoko". It is of interest to note that in several official sources, she is hinted to be Fayt's potential 'sweetheart' and several private actions within the game reinforce said implications of underlying romance between the two, although oddly enough, their couple ending, in which they reunite with Ryoko Leingod and Sophia's parents, contains no such hints. Two noteworthy examples are presented on Hyda IV and in Castle Aquaria near the end of the journey.


Sophia Meteor Swarm

Sophia invokes Meteor Swarm.

Sophia is the game's resident Symbologist and uses staves in battle. Her normal attacks at short range involve whacks and swats with her staff, while her long range attacks shoot balls of pink energy which damage enemy MP (her long range strong attack is especially effective for this). Sophia learns every symbol available to the party in the game and her Connection gene manifests in her most powerful skills as summoning symbols. Blood Scylla summons a demon that drains health and mana from enemies and bestows it on her. Gremlins summons a series of hamster-like creatures that swarm enemies and deal damage while interrupting their actions with multiple hits. Her most powerful symbol, Meteor Swarm, manifests differently than any other spell. Sophia dances on the spot, reciting a long incantation before finally facing the heavens and calling the attack. Many enormous, flaming meteors then rain down on the field for an extended period of time, dealing massive damage to enemies.

Because of her pure emphasis on casting, Sophia is essentially the same as Celine from Star Ocean: The Second Story. Being the team's quintessential caster means she has low attack, defense and HP in comparison to her sturdier allies, and she cannot withstand a lot of punishment from enemies. While she can use Aerial and Charge like everyone else can, she will never make the best use of them, though a staff designed around physical attack power through Item Creation can let Sophia work around her caster archetype if the player so desires.


Her levels in Symbology are Major Healing, Major Destructive and Major Supportive.

Skill Acquired at Level MP Cost Fury CP
Healing 3 20 20 -
Antidote 4 10 20 -
Fire Bolt 5 10 / 124 20/42 2
Silence 5 10 20 -
Ice Needles 10 10 / 124 20/42 2
Acid Rain 12 15 20 -
Lightning Blast 15 10 / 124 20/42 3
Protection 17 30 20 -
Earth Glaive 19 10 / 124 20/42 3
Cure Condition 20 15 20 -
Power Up 21 30 20 -
Restoration 22 60 MP 60 -
Efreet 25 35 / 199 30/60 5
Crush 29 25 20 -
Thunder Flare 30 40 / 199 30/60 4
Faerie Light 33 40 20 -
Deep Freeze 35 80 / 250 30/60 6
Reflection 37 30 20 -
Dark Sphere 40 200 / 380 40/72 -
Stone Rain 45 80 / 250 40/72 5
Gravitation 47 30 20 -
Explosion 50 300 / 680 40/72 7
Laser Beams 54 150 / 300 40/72 7
Angel Feather 57 30 20 -
Lightning Strike 60 300 / 720 50/86 8
Southern Cross Found in Sphere 211 (106th level) 120 30 6
Blood Scylla Found in Maze of Tribulations B1F 300 40 7
Gremlins Found in Sphere 211 (209th level) 50 MP 30 6
Meteor Swarm Found in Sphere 211 (210th level) 10

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