Space-Time Laboratory

The Space-Time Laboratory.

The Space-Time Laboratory is a Fargettian research facility found on the Demon World. It is Asmodeus's home and headquarters to his demon army.


Space-Time Laboratory - Entrance

The Space-Time Laboratory's entrance on the Demon World.

Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Asmodeus rebelled against his creators in Fargett and retreated to the Demon World, taking the entire Space-Time Laboratory along with him. There, he started attacking Roak in order to conquer it entirely, developing horrendous creatures to form an army.

In S.D. 46, Roddick and his friends attacked the Demon World in order to defeat Asmodeus, called the Archfiend by the Roakians, and gather a sample of his blood, in order to create an antidote for the petrifying virus released upon Roak 300 years later. When reaching the Space-Time Laboratiry, they are shocked with the technology inside, as well as its experiments. Soon they find Asmodeus' database, and accidentally activate the alarm. Then, Asmodeus personally faces the heroes, retreating to his chamber afterwards. There, he is defeated, and Fargettian soldiers appear to get a DNA sample from Asmodeus by force. After the stunning encounter, the heroes take the blood sample from Asmodeus' body and leave the Demon World for good.



  • Elven Cap
  • Amulet of Freedom
  • Rainbow Diamond
  • Medicine Bottle
  • Star Ruby
  • ?Armor
  • Medicine Bottle
  • Mithril
  • Robe of Deception
  • Star Necklace
  • Long Spear
  • Ring of Insanity
  • Cinderella Glass
  • ?Jewelry
  • Hammer Charm
  • Ravenous Fiend
  • Orichalcum
  • ?Jewelry
  • Elemental Blade
  • Tedious Handy Stick
  • Elven Slippers
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