Star Ray

Star Light and Ray combine.

Spell Combinations are a unique feature of Heraldry in Star Ocean: The Second Story. It is a rare but powerful occurence when two spellcasters' spells combine in combat that can have various results.

Only spells that pause battle can combine, and only a handful of the spells are able to combine. Spells only combine if they both activate at the same instance. It is possible for spells cast by two party members, two enemies, or a party member and an enemy to combine. When spells combine, it will create one of three results: Absorption, Cancellation, or Reflection.

Absorption results in one spell "absorbing" the other, doubling in power. Cancellation will make both spells fail, and neither side will take damage. Reflection causes the spells to bounce off of each other, damaging both spell casters of opposing forces.

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