The Sphere Corporation is a gaming corporation currently owned by Luther Lansfeld, the genius programmer who created the Eternal Sphere, the virtual universe that has become the online gaming phenomenon that has made the corporation the giant success it is today.


The Sphere Corporation originally owned by Belzeber's father, was a relatively small, somewhat obscure company until Luther Lansfeld eventually took control. Presumably after his take over Luther had created the Eternal Sphere online virtual universe that pushed the company out of obscurity and into the forefront of the video game industry. However things began to look grim for Luther when programs from the Milky Way portion of the Eternal Sphere began experimenting with symbology, and eventually traveled to the planet Styx to research the Time Gate where they learned of the existence of 4D being from the device. The scientific team on Styx was planning on an expedition to 4D space, however Luther had the Time Gate warn them that their actions had envoked the "Creator's" wrath for advancing their technology too far into the field of symbology, claiming it was the science of the Creator. They pleaded with the Time Gate, asking if stopping their research would appease the creator of the universe, however Luther was firm in his belief that the Milky Way galaxy had become too dangerous to allow it's continuing existence. In response to his creation's endeavors he had the Executioner programs created to delete the entirety of the Milky Way galaxy to halt any further "contamination" within the Eternal Sphere and had the entire region closed to the public.


Dictionary Entry

A virtual universe created by the 4D beings that does not actually exist in reality. The Eternal Sphere is the universe of Fayt and everyone he knows.


  • In stark contrast to the Japanese names of the Ten Wise Men, who are named after angels, the Japanese names for Luther (Lucifer), Belzeber (Beelzebub), Berial (Belial) and Azazer (Azazel) are names for the Devil. Coincidentally, Luther has the same Japanese name as Lucifer of the Ten Wise Men.
  • Most of the other employees in Sphere (such as Irisa Pahm, Shar Zeit, and Aire Duxis) are actually gods in Elicoorian mythology.

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