Stanice is an Inventor in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A free spirited Featherfolk girl, she likes to just fly around all day, which tends to get her into some tight spots.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Stanice is found in the chief's house in Surferio. She tells Fayt that she likes collecting dolls, so when Fayt shows her the Limited-Edition Doll he found she will do anything for it. After giving it to her she joins Fayt's crew of inventors.


  • Skills: Level 20 Crafting
  • Time: -30%
  • Cost: -20%
  • Recruited with: Limited-Edition Doll


Can Invent
Disgusting Doll Over-Carved Figure
Crude Ring Strange Figure
Heavy Ring Tacky Earring
Loose Ring Humiliating Earring
Pitiful Earring Third-Rate Bracelet
Laughable Bracelet Purple Orb
Brooch of Footwork Feline Guardian
Adorable Kitty Doll Yellow Talisman
Ankh of Dismissal Green Talisman
Anti-Poison Amulet Emerald Ring
Anti-Incapacitation Amulet Hammer Charm
Eldritch Brooch

Dictionary Entry

A woman of the Featherfolk, a race that boasts large wings extending from their backs. Perhaps because she is extremely light, even for a Featherfolk, Stanice enjoys taking long "walks" in the clouds, flying from place to place. Nightfall often catches up to Stanice during her outings, and she is forced to wait for daybreak all alone, up in the treetops.

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