Star Light is one of a few base level Light symbol in Star Ocean series.

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Celine Jules casting Starlight in Star Ocean: Second Evolution.

It first appeared in Star Ocean: The Second Story in Celine Jules' and Leon D.S. Gehste's symbology list. It was attributed as Star elemental in its first appearance. Star Light was the first Star symbol obtained. It appeared again in both Star Ocean: First Departure and Star Ocean: Second Evolution.

When a character cast Star Light, a number of stars appear on the caster and will rise up to the sky. Beams of light will shoot towards all enemies and explode, dealing light elemental damage.


Star Ocean: First Departure

  • Erys Jerand will obtain this symbol by default and cost her 6 MP to cast.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Spell Combination

Star Light can be used in Spell Combination in Star Ocean: The Second Story. However, most of the combinations did not provide huge difference in damage output[1].

However, Star Ocean: Second Evolution do not have this feature.

Possible Spell Combination for Starlight:

  • Star Light + Blood Sucker (Blood Scylla): Damages one enemy and converts the damage into Noel's HP.
  • Star Light + Energy Arrow: Damages one enemy. However, the damage does not differ much.
  • Star Light + Tractor Beam: Damages enemies affected by Tractor Beam. May not effect flying enemies since Tractor Beam only lift up enemies on the ground. However, the damage does not differ much.
  • Star Light + Ray (Laser Beams): Damages all enemies. A bit useful especially in the early part of the game.
  • Star Light + Light Cross: Attacks all enemies.
  • Star Light + Lunar Light: Damages all enemies. Considered as the second best Starlight + other spell combination.
  • Star Light + Star Flare: Hits everyone, but the difference is not much.
  • Star Light + Press (Crush): Damages one target. Low damage.
  • Star Light + Gravity Press (Gravity Crush): Damages a group. Low damage.
  • Star Light + Gremlin's Lair (Gremlins/Ravenous Fiend): Hits all enemies. Gremlins' sickles hit enemies four times in average. Additional hit by gremlins' bite (approximately four bites) on all enemies. Considered as the best Star Light + other spell combination.


Celine Jules Star Light (Starlight)-000:19

Celine Jules Star Light (Starlight)-0

Star Light being invoked in battle.



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