Star Ocean: Anamnesis is a mobile phone game developed by Tri-Ace.


It features full 3D real-time action battles with HD graphics. In addition, this is the first Star Ocean game with a fully featured 4-player multiplayer. Characters are divided into five defined roles: Attacker, Defender, Shooter, Caster and Healer. Each role allows a character particular advantages and disadvantages and allow a variety of party combinations.

Square Enix is planning a pre-registration campaign for the game. If it achieves over 100,000 registrations, a Valkyrie Profile character will join the game, and if it achieves over 200,000, Welch will join the game.


The main characters of Star Ocean: Anamnesis are Ivlish and Coro. Characters from previous Star Ocean games appear in the game with HD models and designs illustrated by several artists.

Game Name Rarity Type Release CV Illustrator
SO Logo Roddick Farrence 5★ SOA Attacker Mamoru Miyano
Millie Chliette 5★ SOA Healer Hitomi Nabatame
Ronyx J. Kenny 5★ SOA Caster Kenji Hamada
SO2SE Logo Claude C. Kenny N/A N/A TBA
Ronyx J. Kenny N/A N/A TBA
Rena Lanford N/A N/A TBA
Dias Flac N/A N/A TBA
Phia Melle N/A N/A TBA
SO3EoT Logo Fayt Leingod 5★ SOA Attacker TBA
Sophia Esteed 5★ SOA Caster TBA
Cliff 5★ SOA Attacker Hiroki Tōchi
Nel Zelpher 5★ SOA Shooter Yū Asakawa
4★ SOA Healer Yū Asakawa
Albel Nox N/A N/A TBA
Maria Traydor 5★ SOA Shooter Michiko Neya
Farleen 4★ SOA Attacker Tomoe Hanba
Tynave 4★ SOA Attacker Fujiko Takimoto
Clair Lasbard 4★ SOA Shooter Kozue Yoshizumi
SO4TLH Logo Edge Maverick N/A N/A TBA
Reimi Saionji 5★ SOA Shooter Misato Fukuen
Faize Sheifa Beleth 5★ SOA Caster Mitsuki Saiga
Lymle Lemuri Phi 5★ SOA Caster Miyuki Sawashiro
Myuria Tionysus 5★ SOA Caster Hitomi Nabatame
Eleyna Farrence 4★ SOA Caster Takako Honda
Milla Bachtein 4★ SOA Shooter Shiho Hisajima
Amina 4★ SOA Shooter Shiho Hisajima
Stephen D. Kenny 4★ SOA Defender Naomi Kusumi
Deputy Director Shimada 4★ SOA Defender Chafurin
SO5IaF Logo Fidel Camuze 5★ SOA Attacker Kaito Ishikawa
Miki Sauvester 5★ SOA Healer Nao Tōyama
Victor Oakville 5★ SOA Defender Yuichi Nakamura
Anne Patriceani 5★ SOA Attacker Ayumi Fujimura
Emmerson T. Kenny 5★ SOA Shooter Junichi Suwabe
Daril Camuze 5★ SOA Attacker Ryōtarō Okiayu
Welch Vineyard 4★ SOA Attacker Tomoe Hanba
4★ SOA Caster Tomoe Hanba
Gunter 4★ SOA Attacker Hiroshi Tsuchida
Ted 4★ SOA Attacker Hiro Shimono
Hana 4★ SOA Healer Hana Takeda
Tiffan Delacroix 4★ SOA Shooter Yoshihisa Kawahara
Raffine 4★ SOA Healer Kaori Nazuka
Pavines 4★ SOA Shooter Setsuji Satō
VP Logo Lenneth Valkyrie 5★ SOA Attacker 2017/1/26 Yumi Tōma
Silmeria Valkyrie 5★ SOA Shooter 2017/1/26 Ayako Kawasumi
Lezard Valeth N/A SOA Caster TBA
SOAlogo Régnié 3★ SOA Defender
Sydney 3★ SOA Healer
Andre 3★ SOA Attacker
Catalina 3★ SOA Shooter
Clair 3★ SOA Healer
Boris 3★ SOA Shooter
Haru 3★ SOA Shooter
Angelica 3★ SOA Attacker
Bernard 3★ SOA Shooter
Marcel 3★ SOA Attacker
Seth 3★ SOA Caster
Pamela 3★ SOA Shooter
Eleonore 3★ SOA Shooter
Sidonious 3★ SOA Healer
Dominic 3★ SOA Shooter
Winnie 3★ SOA Healer
Rochelle 3★ SOA Caster
Gideon 3★ SOA Defender


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